Saturday, July 2, 2011

Index 2

  1. Asus to ship more EeePad Transformers than any other tablet
  2. Etisalat denies it spilled any info on a new iPhone for 2011
  3. MacBook Air with Sandy Bridge processors coming next month
  4. Why 2011 is an epic year for video games
  5. YouTube pages for blogs now available
  6. Sony Ericsson Panorama App for X10
  7. Last Rites
  8. Why 2011 is an epic year for video games
  9. Facebook facial recognition gets 'animated'
  10. Nokia Deal Could Make Phone 7 No. 2 in World Market
  11. Add contact photos to Gmail inbox
  12. Booming Apple Is World's Largest Semiconductor Buyer
  13. i4i Wins $290M Patent-Infringement Case Against Microsoft
  14. Google Chromebooks now can be pre-ordered
  15. Dancing Driod bot controlled via Android
  16. T-Mobile real life Angry Birds game
  17. Best Buy customer database corrupted, says service rep
  18. Nokia Drop: push content to your phone wirelessly
  19. The zombies of 'Dead Island' will hunt and haunt you
  20. Nokia Ovi features coming to Windows phone from rivals too
  21. Three New Motorola Smartphones Offered by Sprint
  22. Wii U Goes Against Market Trend as Nintendo Gambles
  23. Android market share to surpass 40 percent this year
  24. Sony camcorder sees your 3D, doubles it
  25. 'Dance Central 2' delivers more dancers, music, laughs
  26. Facebook’s creepy Facial Recognition and how to stop it
  27. 25 reasons Android should fear iOS right now
  28. Facebook 152-friends-on-arm tattoo is a lie
  29. Chrome 12 Accelerates 3D on Hardware, Boosts Security
  30. Sony NEX-C3: Slimmest DSLR camera announced
  31. Developer Interest In Windows Phone 7 Tops iOS
  32. Parrot AR Drone comes to all mobiles
  33. Mammoth Apple 'spaceship' HQ to land in Cupertino
  34. Samsung research: 90% of US consumers either have a tablet or want one
  35. Nintendo Introduces Tablet-Controlled Wii Successor
  36. Woman literally 'armed' with Facebook friends
  37. Market Shift Slows PC Growth Before 2012 Acceleration
  38. Autodesk Photo scene editor – convert 2D photos to 3D model
  39. RSA Will Replace Security Tokens as Threat Mounts
  40. X360 Speed Wheel wireless steering
  41. iTunes 10.3 now available, brings some iCloud features
  42. iOS 5 Beta jailbroken within 24 hours
  43. Sony’s PlayStation 3D display is split screen gaming heaven
  44. Apple is stronger than ever
  45. Sony brings out the stars, games, 3-D to reassure gamers
  46. Android Leads as U.S. Consumers Switch To Smartphones
  47. Apple unveils iOS 5: Here's what's new
  48. iCloud, Operating System Updates Unveiled at WWDC
  49. Lady Gaga Will Launch a Social Network for Celebrities
  50. Bill aims to nix kid-porn charges for teen sexting
  51. Rumor: Some iCloud features to be free for Lion users
  52. Adobe CEO takes training to get his on-stage cool
  53. CERN traps antimatter atoms for 1,000 seconds
  54. McDonalds interactive billboard game using iPhone
  55. Apple's Jobs to take the stage as iCloud hype grows
  56. FastStone Image viewer
  57. Blackberry Bold 9900 won’t release till September
  58. Apple hires developer of MobileNotifier jailbreak notification app
  59. Kingston unveils first SandForce-based SSD
  60. Actor makes heroic leap from 'The Killing' to 'inFamous 2'
  61. GotClip – easy to use video downloader
  62. EnerJ: A software solution to reduce CPU load by 90%
  63. The art of video games at E3
  64. Syria Shuts Down Internet Service To Contain Revolt
  65. UN report: Internet access is a basic human right
  66. Hacked Again: User Data Stolen from Sony Pictures
  67. Google can now guess when you want images
  68. The video games of June
  69. T-Mobile Will Offer Low-Cost Samsung Smartphones
  70. Deals of the day: Monty Python, monitors, and more
  71. Membuat Recent Posts Pada Blogspot dengan Menggunakan Feed URL dengan Kategori, Indeks dan Gambar Thumbnail
  72. World IPv6 Day Will Test New Internet Protocol
  73. Boy sells kidney for iPad 2
  74. Schmidt: Microsoft is not innovative enough
  75. Video game rumors run rampant as E3 approaches
  76. Microsoft shows Windows 8
  77. Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s phone business for $19billion
  78. WHO Report on Carcinogens Adds To Cell-Phone Worries
  79. AMD Unveils Windows-Powered HD Tablet Platform
  80. WiFi-based net traffic to overtake wired connections by 2015
  81. Apple Updates Mac OS X To Battle Malware Threats
  82. Facebook Like = Twitter Follow
  83. Creative announces multi-core Sound Core3D audio processor
  84. Activision Will Launch a Call of Duty Social Network
  85. ASUS Combines Form Factors in Hybrid Tablet-Phone
  86. Apple makes iWork app available for iPhone, iPod touch users
  87. Intel's Ultrabook Will Add Tablet Features To Laptops
  88. Apple Will Unveil iCloud, iOS 5, New Mac OS X at WWDC
  89. Steve Jobs to announce iOS5, Lion and iCloud next week
  90. Ivy Bridge adds USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt in chipset
  91. T-Mobile Sidekick: End of an era for an iconic gadget
  92. Galaxy S II sells like “hot cakes”
  93. HDTVs are catching fire ... literally
  94. Vermont Department of Taxes Upgrades to Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management 2.2
  95. Nvidia showcases quad-core Kal-El processor
  96. Pembajakan Software Tetap Tinggi, Polisi Bingung
  97. Vermont Department of Taxes Upgrades to Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management 2.2
  98. Mengapa Pembajakan Software di Indonesia Tetap Tinggi?
  99. Unjuk Gigi Para Pemburu iPad
  100. Produsen Jet Tempur Dibobol, Spionase Cyber ke AS Kian Nyata
  101. Analisa Telematika SMS 'Nazaruddin'
  102. Jetpack soars a mile high
  103. Nvidia Tegra 2 chip gets ‘Best Choice’ award at Computex 2011
  104. Vermont Department of Taxes Upgrades to Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management 2.2
  105. US Airline dumps paper manuals for iPads
  106. Fujitsu Lifebook P771 packs in 18 hours of ‘stamina’, SSD
  107. Samsung demands to see iPhone 4S/5 and iPad 3
  108. Matikan Telekomunikasi, Mobarak Dituntut Ganti Rugi USD 90 juta
  109. Google Sediakan Jadwal Penerbangan di Hasil Pencarian
  110. iOS 5 Belum akan Gunakan Apple Maps
  111. Microsoft akan Perkenalkan Windows Terbaru untuk Tablet
  112. Produsen Jet Tempur AS Dibobol Hacker, Pentagon Panik
  113. Satelit Ungkap 17 Piramid Mesir yang Hilang
  114. Private Jet, Sewa Jet Pribadi dengan Sentuhan Jari
  115. Telkomsel Ingin Pecahkan Rekor di Bandung
  116. Rumor: Improved notification system, widgets coming to iOS 5
  117. WatchGuard Besut Next Generation Firewall
  118. Upgrade OS Blackberry Gratis dari Telkomsel
  119. Etisalat awarded ‘The Telecommunication Leader’ for Arab world
  120. Angry Birds Bikin Open Source Lebih Sexy?
  121. Avaya Tawarkan Solusi Bagi Pekerja Mobile
  122. 'PlayStation phone' reviewed: Future of mobile gaming?
  123. Lumix G3, Kamera DSLR 16 MP dari Panasonic
  124. Kementerian Perdagangan akan Datangkan Pendiri YouTube
  125. Amazon Challenges Apple With New Mac App Store
  126. Alaska Airlines outfits pilots with iPads, swears they're not for 'Angry Birds'
  127. See 'Mark Zuckerberg' knife a pig
  128. MS May Show Windows Running on an ARM Tablet
  129. Microsoft makes more money from Android than WP7
  130. Deals of the day: WoW, Ninja Turtles, and more
  131. PayPal sues Google over trade secret theft
  132. Computer errors free 450 high-risk prisoners
  133. Pre-caffeine tech: Oversharing is caring!
  134. The end is nigh! Internet meme spotted in real world
  135. 'Sulap' iPhone 4 Jadi Putih, Remaja Digugat Apple
  136. Microsoft Tarik Ucapan CEO Steve Ballmer Soal Windows 8
  137. Kesuksesan di Web Pada Era LinkedIn
  138. Jangan Ragu Pasang 'Bio' di Social Media
  139. Inovasi 'Dompet Digital' Google Dituding Hasil Curian
  140. Wikipedia Ingin Jadi Situs Warisan Dunia
  141. Update Ovi Store 2.8 Telah Tersedia
  142. Sony Bersiap Luncurkan PlayStation 4
  143. Inilah Ponsel Termurah dari HTC
  144. Wow, Kamera 200 Megapixel Dibanderol Rp 380 Juta
  145. Sambangi Bandung, Iconia Manjakan Penggemar Hiburan
  146. Skype Reports 'Small Number' of Users Locked Out
  147. 5 ways to keep your cords tidy, organized in your bag
  148. Mark Zuckerberg kills what he eats
  149. Microsoft's Ballmer: Should He Stay or Should He Go?
  150. 20 videos about "Star Wars: The Old Republic"
  151. Google Wallet Could Transform Mobile Payments
  152. Nigerian hackers hit their own government
  153. Japan, Germany, Serbia, named safest place to surf the web by Kaspersky
  154. TV remote wasn't always so ... remote
  155. Vermont Department of Taxes Upgrades to Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management 2.2
  156. Free iPhone app checks PlayStation Network status
  157. Sepeda Curian Ditemukan via Twitter
  158. Google Maps on more than 200 million mobiles
  159. Pre-caffeine tech: Harry Potter, troll hunters, e-Readers!
  160. People watch 3 billion videos on YouTube per day
  161. Skype's not working right now, here's how to fix it
  162. SparxUp Seminar, Gamelan, dan IDBYTE Segera Digelar di Jogja
  163. Panasonic brings three new cameras to the ME market
  164. Ratusan Napi Dipaksa Main World of Warcraft
  165. Scroodle: Aplikasi Papan Tulis di BlackBerry PlayBook
  166. Birds of Steel Hadirkan Aksi Pesawat Tempur Legendaris
  167. Pemenang Blog Award Sesi 6 - BRONZE
  168. Gulf News reports: Etisalat making unauthorized broadband changes
  169. First Media Sampaikan Hak Jawab Atas Gugatan 4G
  170. Sengketa Online Payment, Yahoo & Alibaba Buat Kemajuan
  171. Nokia Windows Phone Rilis Tiga Bulan Sekali
  172. Facebook dan Spotify Garap Streaming Musik
  173. Menjajal Si Mungil HTC Flyer
  174. Layanan Awan Angkat Daya Saing Bank Perkreditan Rakyat
  175. Menelisik Alur Cerita Modern Warfare 3
  176. Secrets of Verizon iPhone tests revealed
  177. MacBook Laptops Get High Marks from Consumer Reports
  178. Unknown Facebook 'friend' may be hacker
  179. Amazon Adds 3G To Ad-Supported Kindle E-Reader
  180. “More capable” Xbox 360 to get stereoscopic 3D
  181. WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning's forgotten Facebook page
  182. Don't Count MS Out in Smartphones: Mango Is a Contender
  183. Bieber teams up with shady anti-texting app company
  184. Should Facebook allow kids under 13 use the social network?
  185. Two days worth of videos uploaded to YouTube each minute
  186. Lagi, Microsoft Ditinggal Pendiri Xbox
  187. Two day's worth of videos uploaded to YouTube daily
  188. Pre-caffeine tech: Crime, both online and off
  189. Bulan Mei, Pluit Village Angkat Tema Teknologi
  190. Apple recognizes MacDefender malware, update coming soon
  191. New app lets you schedule text messages
  192. Meledak, Pabrik Pembuatan iPad Dapat Peringatan
  193. Police on radio scanner apps: That's not a 10-4
  194. Dell Hadirkan Laptop yang Bisa Berganti 'Kulit'
  195. Etisalat launches iPhone 4 with prepaid plan
  196. WD Kenalkan Hardisk 3TB untuk Audio Video
  197. Hampir 50% Wall Facebook Berisi Kata-kata Kasar
  198. BlueStacks lets you run Android apps on Windows PCs
  199. Hero Terbaru Dari Avalon Online Indonesia
  200. Telkom dan Indosat Bersaing Kuasai Bisnis Cloud Computing
  201. Cloud Computing Masuk Pembahasan RUU Konvergensi Telematika
  202. Apa yang Baru di Windows Phone 'Mango'?
  203. Apa Dampak Kematian Osama pada Spam?
  204. ZTE Pun Bakal Gandeng Windows Phone 7
  205. Dibuang Sayang, Intel Lirik Partner Baru MeeGo
  206. Lowongan 'Duta Besar' Facebook Dibuka
  207. New Touchscreen nook Costs $139 with Word Lookup
  208. Mango Phone 7 Update Enhances User Experience
  209. WordPress kicks IE6 out of support
  210. Deals of the day: 'Back to the Future,'' HP laptops
  211. Rumors Have Twitter Paying $40M for TweetDeck
  212. Russian forensics firm cracks iPhone encryption
  213. Canadian Sony Ericsson store hacked
  214. Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity Delivers Superior Performance on Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2
  215. The new Nook: Small and cheap with two-month battery life
  216. What's new in Mango, the next version of Windows Phone
  217. iPhone 5 Berlayar Cekung?
  218. 47 percent of Facebook walls covered in profanity
  219. Popularitas Android Meroket di Asia Tenggara
  220. Microsoft wins award for Kinect at regional retail awards
  221. T-Mobile doubles 4G network speeds
  222. RIM Rangkul Developer Lokal dari Kampus
  223. Hackers: 'Stupid Sony, so very stupid'
  224. Intel Pentium Terlahir Kembali
  225. Komputer Mac Diterjang Program Jahat
  226. Foxconn: Ledakan Tak Pengaruhi Pasokan iPad
  227. AMD announces ultra energy effecient G-Series APUs
  228. Ilmuwan Bikin Filter Porno Berbasis Desahan
  229. ‘DigiGirlz’ rocks it at Microsoft’s technology event
  230. Twitter Akuisisi TweetDeck
  231. Microsoft Gagal Akibat 'Strategi Zune'
  232. Ilmuwan Teliti Baterai Tenaga Kuman
  233. Hitachi-SAP Bentuk Aliansi Teknologi
  234. Kala Teknologi Jadi Bumbu Seks
  235. HP: Touchpad Akan Lebih Baik dari iPad
  236. BlackBerry Gemini Hadir dengan Warna Biru
  237. Windows Mobile Segera Dipensiunkan Microsoft
  238. Rumor: Amazon tablets may be cheaper than iPad
  239. Mac Sales To Enterprises Jump as PCs Replaced
  240. Kobo launches Touch e-reader, drops original to $99
  241. How to suck at text messaging
  242. Explosion at China iPad Factory Shows Supply Risks
  243. Woman tests eBay account by selling child
  244. 500 new features: Can Windows Phone get in game?
  245. App turns your iPad or iPhone into a 3-D display
  246. Joplin tornado: How to help
  247. The real cost of Sony's PlayStation Network fiasco
  248. Rumor: iPhone 5 maybe curvy
  249. Rumor: iPhone 5 to have curved screen
  250. Greek Sony Music site hacked, user data exposed
  251. Eset Lindungi Pengguna Symbian, Windows Mobile, dan Android
  252. Qtel Sponsors ictQATAR’s Innovation Theatre
  253. Siswa Pembeli PC Windows Dapat Xbox Gratis
  254. Optimus Black: Android 'Hitam Manis' dari LG
  255. Tangani Hacker, Polri Butuh Tim Khusus
  256. Mengupas Situs Pengaduan DPR
  257. Saham Pabrik iPad 'Goyang' Dihantam Ledakan
  258. Kominfo Bahas Hasil Investigasi Anggota Baru BRTI
  259. Situs Kominfo Pun Disusupi Hacker
  260. Benarkah Twitter Disensor?
  261. Korban Tewas Ledakan Pabrik iPad Bertambah
  262. Zuckerberg Ingin Facebook Aman Bagi Anak-anak
  263. Android grabs 36% market share in Q1 2011
  264. Oracle Extends Next-Generation, Multivendor IP and Ethernet Provisioning Capabilities with Oracle Communications IP Service Activator 7.0
  265. Google updates Maps for iOS, Android browsers
  266. Sulit Untuk Jualan Aplikasi Berbayar di Indonesia
  267. Sistem Absensi TI Lokal Dilirik Asing
  268. XL Bangkitkan Harapan Developer Aplikasi iOS
  269. Warner Bros launching VOD on du
  270. Apple Selidiki Penyebab Ledakan Pabrik iPad
  271. Pabrik iPad Meledak, Dua Pekerja Tewas
  272. Pentingnya UI Bagi Pengembang Aplikasi
  273. Kontroler Nintendo Wii 2 Memiliki Kamera?
  274. Apple rolls out Apple Store 2.0
  275. Batik Solo Coba Mendunia Lewat Internet
  276. Google's giant newspaper archive stops growing
  277. Game Ini Lebih Mudah Dimainkan Bersama Wanita
  278. Kampanye Internet Sehat Digoreskan dalam Perangko
  279. Manli Rilis Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
  280. Memasyarakatkan TIK di Pekan Informasi Nasional
  281. Waduh, Promosi Video Game Hadirkan Wanita Topless
  282. Cara Bermain SD Gundam Capsule Figher Online
  283. Garuda OS, Sistem Operasi Lokal Bagi Kebangkitan TI Nasional
  284. New Virus Scam Attacks Macs
  285. Google's giant newspaper archive stops growing
  286. Applecare employees instructed to ignore malware infected Mac users
  287. Google Maps updated for Android, iPhone
  288. Intel Re-Writes Its Roadmap for Mobile Device Chips
  289. Careful! Converting currency on Google can lead to malware
  290. AT&T Shows Off LTE, Remains Secretive on Specs
  291. Robot Bisa Ciptakan Bahasa Sendiri
  292. Menyikapi Situs Yang Diobrak-abrik Hacker
  293. 'BlackBerry PlayBook Terjual 250 Ribu Unit'
  294. Game iPad untuk Kucing Mulai Banyak
  295. Industri Teknologi Eropa 'Malu-Malu' untuk IPO
  296. Pemain Sepakbola Diperingatkan Soal Penggunaan Twitter

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