Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Study: Users spend more time on mobile apps than on the Internet

aaaaaA new study has found that smartphone users have ditched the Internet (well, somewhat) for mobile apps to tide their entertainment boat.


aaaaaThe research, conducted by Furry, gathered information from more than 85,000 applications and noted that in June 2011, the avg. smartphone Joe spent about 81 mins using mobile applications and only 74 mins using the web. That’s around a 91% jump year-over-year, where in June 2010, the same Joe spent 43 mins using mobile apps and 64 mins surfing the web. The mobile app-effect had started to show in December where the numbers slowly started favoring mobile apps with 66 mins and 70 mins for the Internet.

aaaaaFurry also found that mobile Joes spend 47% of their playing games, 32% on browsing social network, 9% reading the news, and 7% using other entertainment apps. Of the little time they spend on the Internet, 14 mins of the 74 mins are whiled away on Facebook (but of course!).

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