Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Thailand Supports First State Sensors Twitter

King Bhumibol cottage in Bhuping Palace, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Step Twitter for local content censorship protests from many quarters. Amid the controversy, Twitter finally gets first international support from the Government of Thailand, on Monday (1/30/2012).

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Thailand, Jeerawan Boonperm, said the move Twitter is "development that should be welcomed".

He said he would contact Twitter to start working on the sensor features local content.

Not only from the government, opposition groups also support the move. Mallika Boonmetrakul of the Democratic Party, since late 2011, seeks to gather support to block social media sites from the west.

According Boonmetrakul, Thailand should follow the example of China's lunge in an attempt to block Internet services that are considered destabilizing the country.

The stance taken by the Government of Thailand is referring of lese majeste law, a rule that prohibits citizens mocking Thailand's royal family.

The activists say Thailand, lese majeste increasingly politicized and used as a tool of repression, rather than as a way to protect the monarchy.

Previously, the Government of Thailand had asked Facebook to remove more than 10,000 pages are considered to violate lese majeste. YouTube has also been subject to complaints in 2006.

Thailand succeeded in forcing YouTube to remove the offending video 225 the royal family. Not only that, Thailand was restricting its citizens from accessing YouTube.

A number of Thai citizens have been jailed for offending the kingdom in the postings on Facebook and the internet.

In 2011 then, a 61-year-old man gets 20-year prison sentence for sending short messages whose content is insulting the royal family.

While a U.S. citizen who was born in Thailand sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for writing a biography of the King of Thailand.

So far, no arrests or punishment meted out to the citizens of Thailand are twittering on Twitter.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Android Application Options 20 Year 2011

The number of applications in the Android Market may not be as much as in the (Apple) App Store. Even so, the number of applications in the Android Market today arguably more than enough and will continue to grow rapidly.

Until December 2011, more than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the Android Market. That number has increased rapidly since July 2011, the number of applications that are downloaded only about 6 billion.

Of the thousands of applications available in Android Market, here are 20 apps that are useful and help the productivity of the users of the Android, especially for professionals and businessmen.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice offers free phone management service. Users can enter a phone number, in accordance with the desired. You can separate a particular phone number, that number can only contact you at a certain hour. In addition, Google Voice messages can automatically transform voice into an email or SMS.

2. Advanced Task Killer

Wasteful consumption of battery on a smartphone because many applications are running in the background. If you want the battery consumption is not too extravagant, you should put some actual applications are not being used it. By using the Advanced Task Killer, the user can shut down all applications running in the background. This application is even more effective than Task Manager.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox can be called as an application that replaces the function of the flash disk as a data storage media. Only, Dropbox accessible online and not have to use a computer.

Previously, you must download the Dropbox in, creating an account, and install it on your computer. Automatically Dropbox folder on your computer will appear. You can add or remove files in the folder.

Well, if you're traveling and need the files in the Dropbox folder stored on your computer, you can download these files via the Android device. You can just log in and instantly download the files needed. It would be very helpful given the many smartphones that can not be dikoneksi with a flash disk.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a good application for registration (notes). In terms of storing data, Evernote is similar to Dropbox. You can keep notes on the smartphone, tablet, or computer. You also can open the Evernote note that with any device.

5. Taskos

Arguably Taskos application "to-do list" best in Android, because its design is simple and easy to operate. Taskos also has particularly reliable voice recognition features that can translate sound into a "to-do items". Although there is still a letter that is not true in the "to-do item" is, you just simply fix one or two words.

6. DroidAnalytics

DroidAnalytics used to present statistical data visualization daily, weekly and annual website to install the Google Analytic. Google so far has no official application like Google Analytic for Android and iPhone. Therefore, DroidAnalytics application can be called as the best application for Google Analytic.

7. Documents To Go

Documents To Go Free version provides service to read Microsoft Word files and Microsoft Excel. You can upgrade to a version of Documents To Go paid (15 dollars) if you want to get the feature "editing" and to add in order to view and edit PowerPoint files. After the Documents To Go, QuickOffice mobile Office application into which is also recommended.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs provides a web-based data management service for free. If you often work with Google Docs, including Microsoft Office files to upload to Google Docs, an application that you need is Google Docs. Google Docs for Android will allow you to read or edit documents.

9. TripIt

TripIt is the best application to record all travel schedules. You simply forward the email confirmation airline schedules, hotels, rental cars and other things that support your journey. After that TripIt app will set it properly.

10. Google Places

This application lets you find shop and other services that are near your current location. You can find restaurants, doctors, clinic by taxi. Places are very accurate in finding the data because it uses the information in Google Local and already integrated with Google Maps.

11. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is an application that lets you navigate to the file system Android. Astro also provides backup features, connectivity via Bluetooth, file compression, downloader, search for files, task manager, open the attachment, and others.

12. Speed ​​Test

Useful to test your bandwidth speed Android smartphone. This application will provide information volatile movements 3G/4G connections and check the quality of the WiFi on where you are.

13. Amazon Kindle

If you are not an Amazon Kindle device users, it does not mean you do not use Amazon's Kindle app for Android. An application for storing and displaying electronic books (e-book) and other digital media. Since its release, many people are drawn to the Amazon Kindle since this application helps users read e-books wherever and whenever.

14. Google +

Since its release last July, Google has become a source permbicaraan + because it is more interactive. + Google introduces new services such as Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, and Huddles. As a new social media, Google + predicted to rival the social networking giant Facebook.

15. TED Water

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This application can enlighten the public as it offers a variety of thoughts and ideas of leaders and influential people in the world. You can just listen, read, or seen what TED Water delivered through the video. All findings and new ideas can be found through the TED Water.

16. Google Goggles

If you usually enter the text to do a search on Google, with Google Goggles then you can use images to do a search. Simply photograph the object using a camera, Google Goggles will find everything related to the image.

One of the coolest features of Google Goggles is the ability to take pictures of text in a foreign language, then this application will translate it for you. If you are on holiday abroad, this application can help you read the road markings and other signs.

17. Photoshop Express

Who does not know image editing application / best photo in the world, Photoshop. Application of the desktop computer version is now available for the Android platform. After photographing, you can directly edit the pictures, cropping, adjust brightness, sharpen, and so on.

18. Audible

If the application is used to read the Amazon Kindle e-books, Audible audiobook features. You can connect to the library and instantly download Audible audiobooks.

19. Shazam

If by chance you hear a song on the radio but did not know who the singer and what the title, Shazam will help provide answers. Allow this application to listen to the song for 15 seconds, will automatically be processed on the database, with instant information about the song will appear on your smartphone screen. Shazam has a success rate around 80%.

20. Google Finance

This is a great little application. Google Finance on Android phones connected with your Google Finance account, where you can adjust the list of stocks and companies that want to monitor and sort them into the portfolio. This application provides three tabs is simple - look at the market, look at your portfolio, and the latest market news. Google Finance is very fitting for the businessmen who constantly monitor stock movement.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Build Super Computer, Intel's acquisition of expert Vendor Network

Intel chip maker announced that the company has purchased one of the assets owned by Qlogic, namely Infiniband business units.

Previously, this business unit Qlogic InfiniBand already has products such as adapters, switches, software, and other products for building networks with high bandwidth technologies on the server.

Qlogic current asset acquisition will expand potfolio Intel network and provide technology to improve internal bandwidth in the system.

This acquisition will also increase processor performance, as well as server performance scale developed by Intel.

Previous Intel has released a new processor and equipment needed to increase the speed of supercomputers. Intel hopes, the supercomputer that will be published in the year 2018 will have a speed 100 times faster than today's fastest supercomputers, exaflop.

"The technology and expertise from Qlogic build assets to build a scalable system fabric, it is required Intel to execute this vision," said Kirk Skaugen, general manager of Intel's Data Center and Connected Systems Group.

Intel previously had built a network to expand their portfolio of data center. Intel in July 2011 signed an agreement to acquire the company network chip, Fulcrum, which produces 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 40 Gigabit Ethernet switch products.

In a separate statement, Qlogic also stated that the acquisition of assets with Intel has a value of transactions amounted to 125 million U.S. dollars.

Sales of business assets for Qlogic InfiniBand will help these companies to focus on converged networks, ethernet, and product storage area networking (SAN).

Want to Make Android Application? Visit the Design Android!

Google has launched the Android web site design, where application developers can get tips on how to create applications for the Android operating system version 4.0 or so-called Ice Cream Sandwich.

Matias Duarte, Director of the Android User Experience of Google, announced the launch of Android Design in electronics exhibition's most prestigious event in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show, 10 to Jan. 13 in Las Vegas, United States.

Google describes the Android Design as: "a site for studying design principles, building blocks, and patterns to create a world class Android interface."

Lately, Google's Android ecosystem is getting noticed. One of them is a display problem that Android is very diverse, which led to fragmented Android. Such a step is considered good for the future of Android, as well as curb the application developers.

Beginning in January 2012, Google has Android manufacturers require the vendors and application developers to use interface that has made ​​Google Holo. Holo shall be implemented in order to facilitate developers and vendors to integrate widgets, application buttons, and menus on the screen.

Google hopes Android applications have a strong identity and familiar use by users as buttons, widgets, so neat and consistent theme. Ice Cream Sandwich will be the first Android operating system that uses a standard design and interface of Google.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Zwirbler Novel from the Collection Status on Facebook

Writers from Hungary, Gergely Teglasy Facebook claiming to be a writer's first novel in the world. However, Teglasy not published a novel titled Facebook, but just writing a novel whose content is derived from the "update status" does almost every day.

As quoted from The Next Web, Teglasy wrote a novel titled "Zwirbler". The word is derived from the German language, which means rotate. The novel is only there on Facebook and can be enjoyed through a podcast format.

Internet users who want to read the novel must be a friend on your Facebook account "Zwirbler". Interestingly, Internet users aged 17 and over can also change the way the story by commenting on status updates performed by Teglasy.

Unfortunately, the novel is written using only the German language. If we do not understand German, then we will not know about what is written Teglasy.

Teglasy now lives in Vienna Austria and began to launch this project since July 2010.

Interestingly, this novel Teglasy will appear in a television screen at various universities in Austria.

This novel delivery method is the result of cooperation with UniScreen company, a company that produces television screen in the area around the campus in Austria.

Not only presents a novel Zwirbler, UniScreen also going to broadcast local news and other information in the vicinity of Austria. The hope, Zwirbler literary essay can be a viable 21st century appreciated.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 Ways to make beautiful photos for Beginners

Smitten with the photography world? Learn the first foundations for the resulting image can look more beautiful.

In a chance conversation, professional photographer Jerry Aurum divulge these tips to produce captivating images.

1. Interest
The first thing needed for someone to jump into the world of photography and produce a good photograph is of interest. "The first one, must first building interest, if he has an interest will be easier to get into the photography world," said the figure who had been a juror in this Caraka Creative Festival.

2. Often Snap
According to the creator of the book In My Room and Femalography it, photography is only a matter of habit. A person is expected to shoot frequently to hone shrewdness.

The more a person is often photographed then he will be getting better at learning. "Do not make the photography is something that is not regular, because someone will not be quick to learn. The more often snap, he will quickly expert," he added.

3. Composition
Composition is the key next to produce work that good. Indeed, many theories about the composition in it, but if simplified, the composition will produce images that feels pretty sight.

4. Light
"Note the direction of the light coming," said Jerry. Further explained to him that the angle of light is different, then the resulting effect will be different.

This applies to all object images. He explained that the photos taken in the morning or afternoon is best. This is related to the position of the sun is not too high so that the light generated is not 'hard'.

5. Pay attention to the object
Last tips given by graduate Cum Laude, Visual Communication Design of this ITB is the accuracy of the object. A photographer should pay attention to its object and study it first.

By studying it, then he will know whether the object is photographed from a great distance near or far, taken from the left or right, or to smile or not.

"Well, if already mastered the basic techniques above, hopefully someone can produce a good picture," said Jerry.

Revealed, Price License Windows Phone

For the first time the price of Windows Phone operating system license is revealed to the public. This happened shortly after the launch of the latest ZTE phones that use Windows Phone 7.5, ZTE Tania.

As reported by TrustedReviews, portfolio manager of ZTE UK, Santiago Sierra for media mentions Tania ZTE phones priced more expensive than similar phones (with Android) because they have to bear the cost of licensing Windows Phone by 23 to 30 dollars per device.

According to Microsoft, responding to the statement, the price offered is different Windows Phone license to each producer depending on the volume of sales in each vendor and negotiation of vendor phone.

By comparison, Google did not charge a dime to use the Android operating system on mobile phones or tablet. However, according to several reliable sources, HTC and Samsung issued a fee of 10 to 15 U.S. dollars per device for each use of Android on your phone or tablet.

The size of the OS license price is going to affect the cost component vendors and will directly influence the price of mobile devices.

In addition to higher prices membanderol license Windows Phone, Microsoft also get royalties for every Android phone sales due to Microsoft's patent there