Friday, September 18, 2009


A poem is a pair of phrases to express thoughts and feelings.
A poem is not to reassure the ability to rhyme.
It is not to show the ability to bring a tear to the eye,
nor is it to show one has skills to bring smiles to faces.
It is to let the world know that you are a human being.
A human being who shares what he/she might feel
inside with many others. A poem is a bunch of words
put together to let the world know that you are ALIVE,
to let the world know that you EXIST.

A poem is written by one who has a handicap
in expressing out loud what is kept at heart, mind and soul.
A poem is to help others understand.
Understand what others feel and why they feel the way they do.
For there might be many ways to express feelings or thoughts.
One might express by crying, laughing, jumping, screaming
or maybe even being silent.
These are ways to express out loud and let nearby loved ones
know how you feel.
All these ways of expressing might only last a few minutes or hours.
They will go away and few will know but not understand.
But when these feelings are shared on paper, these thoughts
can be passed on and on and on.
So, you see, a poem is a beauty, a form of art.
Many will admire, many will understand.
Who knows, maybe a poem can even bring peace to the world.