Monday, June 27, 2011

Elop: No going back to MeeGo

aaaaaMuch to everyone’s surprise, and probably even Nokia’s, it’s MeeGo mobile operating system, the first Symbian replacement before Microsoft swooped in with the WP7 deal, gained popularity among a small sect of people when it was launched with the N9 device. However, due to the WP7 deal, Nokia decided to stop support for the operating system, receiving a resounding backlash from the community who felt the company had given up before a fair shot in the market.

aaaaaDespite that, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that the company will not change it’s mind about MeeGo.

aaaaa“I have talked a lot about how we increase our staff’s accountability, our empathy to listen to our clients and each other, and our aim to avoid being arrogant. The N9 features many new breakthroughs related to its usability, design, and materials, which we will be utilising and developing further in our upcoming models. I cannot speak of them more specifically just yet, but they will soon become apparent. I have taken part in the conversations with the teleoperators and I have been part of the consumer test groups. The feedback has been extremely positive and I am sure that the Windows Phone system will be a great success. Nokia will continue its research and development on the software side, as well as in services and equipment design. We will build inventions for our Windows phones that will make us stand apart from our competitors and bring significant additional advantage to our application developers.”

aaaaaElop recently revealed a N9 look alike WP7 device called ‘Sea Ray‘ in a private media briefing. A video of the demonstration was leaked on YouTube.

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