Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cisco's Cius Tablet Offers IT-Controlled Environment

Cisco Systems said Wednesday that the company's new Android-based Cius media tablet Relevant Products/Services featuring enterprise Relevant Products/Services-class security Relevant Products/Services capabilities will go on sale July 31 at a street price of $750. Cisco also rolled out a new application Relevant Products/Services ecosystem called AppHQ that will give IT Relevant Products/Services administrators full management and deployment control over which Cius tablet apps Relevant Products/Services can be deployed within the enterprise as well as which employees have access to specific apps.

In principle, finding ways not to go headlong against Apple's iPad Relevant Products/Services in the consumer space is the right idea at this stage, observed Al Hilwa, director of applications development software at IDC.

"There is room out there for tablet vendors who can crack the enterprise space in niche areas that might actually prove both sizable and profitable," Hilwa said. "This requires a special enterprise sales capability and likely a vertically focused strategy that homes in on the value proposition of the device for the requirements of a specific industry scenario."

Empowering Enterprises

As part of Cisco's new AppHQ ecosystem, IT administrators will be able to construct private corporate-branded app stores in the cloud Relevant Products/Services, through which only the apps they grant approval can be distributed throughout the enterprise -- including apps from the Android Market. For developers, the new AppHQ ecosystem represents an opportunity to build enterprise-class software for use by thousands of employees within an organization.

The cloud-based Cisco AppHQ will function as a test bed for enterprises developing their own private app storefronts and applications. Moreover, Cisco AppHQ will provide IT managers and users with a "trusted source" for third-party apps that have already passed Cisco's stringent validation testing process, which includes interoperability testing for the app as well as when it is deployed in typical configurations, the company said.

Cisco's AppHQ promises to empower IT by giving administrators the ability to permit or deny access to various types, sources or categories of apps based on the job function of the user or device. The aim is to enable IT departments to set a configuration that meets the organization's specific security requirements and cost-efficiency Relevant Products/Services policies while providing users the maximum amount of freedom. (continued...)

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