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Quick Search Tricks Google-style

While Google provides many search features, I'm sure not many of us who use it when performing a search of information. Finally we got the information from Google's tsunami storm that ultimately make our own confusion. We discuss yuk, effective search techniques it should be like what the heck.

In general, the type of search on Google there are two: Basic Search and Advanced Search. Basic Search is a search feature that is common when we use the direct access
Meanwhile, Advanced Search provides a wide selection of good search feature for the operator basis, a file format that we want to find, language, region, etc..

Actually there are very many search features that we can use, but is not available in the Advanced Search menu option. In other words we have to incorporate the query in the search form on the Basic Search directly. Well game this query and search operators that actually we will discuss in this article.

1. AND: Looking for information that contain both search terms. Can use one of the following three alternatives:
Jepara carving
AND Jepara carving
Jepara carving +

2. OR: Looking for information containing either of the two words. Can use one of two alternatives follows:
know OR Tempe
know | Tempe

3. Phrase: Search for information containing the search phrase using the mark ". " Example:

4. NOT: The search results contain that word in front, but not the behind the minus (-). The example below will find information that contain the word fish but not the banding.

5. Synonyms (~): Searching for the word and its synonyms-synonyms. The example below will bring the search results: vehicle (car) and the synonym-synonyms.
~ car

6. Asterisk (*): Character replacement words. From the example below, the results obtained can: spicy grilled chicken, spicy fried chicken, cooked spicy chicken, etc.
spicy chicken *

7. SIGNS POINT (.): Character replacement letters, numbers and single character. From the example below, the results obtained can be: coffee, chef, scores, etc.

8. Case insensitive: Search on Google considers capital and not capital as something similar. So, Romi satria Wahono, Romi Satria Wahono, or Romi SATRIA Wahono will bring the same results
9. NEGLIGENCE WORD: Google ignores the keyword in the form of single characters and words: a, about, an, and, are, as, at, b, by, from, how, i, ins, is, it, of, on, or , That, the, this, to, We, what, Pls, Nowhere, the which, with. If we still want the search word, can by using the + character in front of the search (example: Star Wars Episode + I), or it could be to regard it as a phrase (example: "Star Wars Episode I")

10. I'm Feeling Lucky: It would take us straight to the first results of our query


1. DEFINE: Finding the definition of a term. From the example below, the results obtained are various definitions of e-learning from various sources
define: e-learning

2. CACHE: Showing a web site that has been indexed by Google, although no longer active. The example below will generate a word search on the site php in Google's index.
cache: php

3. LINK: Displays a list of links that point to a site. The example below will display a list of links that lead to sites

4. RELATED: Displays a list of similar sites, similar or have a relationship with a site
5. INFO: Displays the information that Google know about a site

6. SITE: Displays specific search on a site designated
java site:

7. Filetype: Displays search results in the form of a type (extension) a specific file. The file types that can be searched are: doc, xls, rtf, swf, ps, LWP, wri, ppt, pdf, mdb, txt, etc.. The example below will display the search results in the form of PDF files that contain the keyword software engineering
software engineering filetype: pdf

8. Allintitle: Displays all the search terms in the TITLE page. The example below will produce a page that has the title of java programming. allintitle can not be combined with operator (syntax) other. Use the intitle for it.
allintitle: java programming

9. Intitle: Displays a search term in the TITLE page. The example below will produce a page that has java title and content pages containing the word enterprise
intitle: java enterprise

10. Allinurl: Displays all the search terms in the URL. The example below will generate a list of URLs that contain the word java and programming. allinurl can not be combined with operator (syntax) other. Use the inurl for this purpose.
allinurl: java programming
11. Inurl: Displays a search term in the URL. The example below will generate a list of URLs that contain the word java and content pages containing the word enterprise
inurl: java enterprise

Search for what we do will be more effective if we try to incorporate some of the existing operators in the basic or advanced search features. For example, we want to find PDF files that exist on the site Then we combine the two operators to:
filetype: pdf site:

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Atlantic Casualty Insurance and Southern Insurance Underwriters Use Oracle Documaker to Streamline and Facilitate New Business

Redwood Shores, Calif. â€" March 8, 2011 News Facts !-- . --" Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company (Atlantic Casualty), a leading surplus lines insurer based in Goldsboro, N.C., is using the Internet-based policy production capabilities of Oracle Documaker (formerly Skywire Software iPPS) to make it faster and easier for its managing general agents (MGAs) such as !-- . --" Southern Insurance Underwriters (SIU) to issue new policies. Atlantic Casualty and SIU are using a connector for Oracle Documaker that automates the flow of policy data between the MGA and the carrier. The connector was developed by Oracle gold partner !-- . --" Simplified Policy Processing, LLC , in conjunction with Oracle Insurance. The combined solution enables SIU to automatically populate Web-based forms from Oracle Documaker with data from their agency management systems, without the need to rekey data from one system into another. This automated information flow helps to accelerate policy issuance; reduces the time, effort and risk of errors and omissions (E&O) exposure associated with duplicate data reentry; frees staff to focus on new business instead of administrative tasks; and significantly reduces the time and resources SIU requires to maintain accurate, up-to-date forms. Atlantic Casualty is piloting the new environment with SIU and plans to eventually make the connector available to the 100 other MGAs with which it does business. This pilot builds on Atlantic Casualty’s implementation of Oracle Documaker to which the carrier migrated in 14 months. The insurer was able to move all of its MGAs to the Web-based platform in that same timeframe, and reduce the critical error ratio of its underwriting process to less than three percent of policy documents. Atlantic Casualty has also integrated Oracle Documaker with its in-house ACES rating system, further supporting straight-through processing initiatives. Simplified Policy Processing’s PPS Assistant connector includes an automated solution for updating policy libraries. PPS Assistant maps policy data to forms in seconds and those mappings are shared with all subscribers, eliminating the need for individual MGAs to map policy forms. Atlantic Casualty purchased the Oracle software in FY2009. Supporting Quotes “As policy processing and servicing moves to the Web, Oracle Insurance has committed to making the required investments to not only increase efficiencies in the process, but to also reduce costs for the MGA,” said Greg Ricker, chief information officer, Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company. “Carriers can now automatically manage forms and issuance libraries enabling MGAs to focus on what they do best â€" selling and servicing their customers.” “In this environment of shrinking insurance premiums, we are all looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce overhead,” said Wes Dusenberg, president, Southern Insurance Underwriters (SIU) and former president of American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA). “Eliminating duplicate entry between systems has been an industry goal for many years. With the renewed commitment from Oracle to the E&S market, we feel confident that Oracle Documaker Desktop and Oracle Documaker will finally enable us to eliminate duplicate entry and increase efficiency. We have been using the Oracle Documaker policy production system from the beginning and feel it is the most appropriate platform as we move forward.” “Oracle Documaker is based on open standards and integrates easily into today’s service-oriented architecture environments. Oracle Documaker Desktop and Oracle Documaker enable efficient and economical policy issuance, providing insurers with the increased agility and flexibility they need to roll out new products quickly and remain competitive. We continue to invest in our commitment to MGAs, surplus lines and wholesale insurance segments where our policy production solutions have been used for nearly 20 years,” said Srini Venkatasantham, vice president, Product Strategy, Oracle Insurance. “Having built data connectors for the property casualty industry for more than eight years, this was a natural product for us. We’re excited with the MGA’s response to this product which eliminates so much work for them in using their policy issuance software,” said Dave Huff, President of Simplified Policy Processing. Supporting Resources !-- . --" Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. Streamlines Policy Issuance with Document Automation Solution !-- . --" Oracle Insurance !-- .!/OracleInsurance?ref=ts. --!/OracleInsurance?ref=ts" Oracle Insurance on Facebook !-- . --" Oracle Insurance on Twitter !-- . --" Oracle Insurance on LinkedIn !-- . --" Oracle Insurance Blog !-- . --" Oracle Documaker !-- . --" Oracle Documaker Desktop About Oracle div class="legalese" Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems company. For more information about Oracle, visit !-- . --" Trademark Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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