Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google quietly launches Google+

aaaaaYesterday Google announced the launch of their new social networking endeavor: Google+. With the ever increasing threat from Facebook, who have just passed their 750 millionth user, Google is well aware of the fact that people like to share things/ get suggestions from friends rather than just a search engine.

aaaaaWhile Google Buzz wasn’t exactly the Twitter killer people thought it would be, Google is attempting to roll out a better social networking software in the form of Google+, which isn’t necessarily out to conquer Facebook, just hurt it’s market share enough for Google to have a massive lead of daily usage once again.


aaaaaThis new service introduces the idea of +Circles which allows users to create multiple categories of “friends”, separating out friends from family, co-workers, etc. instead of having everyone under the “friends” umbrella. Then there is +Sparks which is essentially you getting feeds from Google themselves on any interest you have specified, allowing you to discover and share new links with your friends.

aaaaaThere are other notable features like +Hangout which is just group video-chatting with your friends at the touch of a button. The idea behind it is to ease the function of video conferencing by showing people you’re just… hanging around. Similarly +Mobile is just about sharing your location with friends and much more. And then there’s +Huddle which is sort of like a personal messenger amongst a specific +Circle of your friends.

aaaaaAll in all, Google+ seems to be a step in the right direction towards combating the global reach that Facebook has, but in a more subtle way. Whether this new tech will adopted by the masses or remain in close use with a relatively small number of people remains to be seen. For now, you can signup for Google+ beta, but know that’s being tested in limited use with selective invites only.

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