Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cloud Technology, What Helps?

Ever imagined a day when you accidentally format a USB full reason, but in it there is a report for the boss? It rarely happens, but this could happen in that time we did not expect.

Such events would not be a concern now because aided by Public Cloud-based applications from Google is Google Docs.

With these applications you can access the data online or save them into a computer so that when your computer is damaged or lost data that we need only move to another computer that is connected to the internet and we are ready to return to work.

In addition to the benefits of mobile where we can use the application on any computer connected to the Internet, Cloud-based applications both Public and Private can relieve a lot of IT support office tasks as did our job easier.

Perhaps you've had instances where the office desktop applications are being upgraded, and then one by one office computer update which of course takes time. With the Cloud-based applications you will no longer find anything like it. Updates Cloud-based applications made on a central server, therefore we will be able to save much time.

The interesting thing owned of Cloud-based applications processing is performed on a central server, so the user does not need powerful computers to use the application.

Computer specifications are usually needed only a computer with browser support and enough computer output in 2005 to the above, we can use Cloud apps.

If you are a business owner, this course can be a lot of benefits, which can be minimized in addition to the budget you can also allocate power to the corporate IT enterprise application development.

Service Options Cloud

So far, there are many free applications based Public Cloud that we can use in addition to Google Docs is one image processing applications.

Image processing software is unique because in addition to Public Cloud-based, have almost the same with the use of image processing applications is that we commonly use Adobe Photoshop, so if you are already familiar with Adobe Photoshop then we no longer need to learn its use.

In addition there are also another unique application called but this time it works for video processing. The site has a lot to get this recommendation has a very special feature that although we are not proficient in video editing, but with the features of the resulting video would like a professional.

Cloud applications are not inferior to foreign IT companies Indonesia has some of the existing issued a Cloud-based applications either Private or Public.

For the Public Cloud-based applications, Indonesia has which has the function as a personal financial management applications, with the launch of a new version of Android launched a few months ago we could enter personal financial data through your favorite Android mobile phone.

For Cloud-based accounting system that we have, with Cloud-based applications from the company's accounting data can be easily accessed to check the realtime reports anytime and anywhere.

In addition to the application of Public Cloud Indonesia also has a W-ERP Private Cloud-based ERP system that is intended for companies who want the entire system integration company.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Less Cash Society, Living Without Cash

Just imagine, how nice if we could travel anywhere without the need to carry cash. Even without the need to carry a wallet. Simply bring your phone, we can do anything in any transaction. The good news, lifestyle, or often called a cash less society, is predicted to be booming next year.

Less cash society evolved thanks to the e-money. Bank of International Settlement (BIS) defines e-money as a product of 'stored value' or prepaid wherein a value of money (monetary value) stored electronically in an electronic equipment owned by someone.

In contrast to credit cards, debit and other payment cards, e-money transactions do not require the authorization process and is not associated with a bank account, because its value has been stored in the means to pay it.

E-money is generally used for small value transactions. There are two types of e-money is in the form of cards, which are usually issued by a bank, and the electronic form which are usually issued by a mobile operator.

Actually, e-money has been in Indonesia since 2007, but growth is relatively slow. Slowness was due to interoperability problems.

"Unfortunately there is interoperability, meaning that e-money can only be used for working with the merchant bank concerned," said one official BI, Aribowo.

Special e-money issued by the mobile operator, is also not convenient to use and relatively low reliability, because it uses SMS. Another obstacle is the recipient of merchants spread of e-money is also limited. As a relatively new product, e-money is also not known by the people.

But this year's predicted these obstacles will disappear. BI has committed to complete interoperability, so that one card can be used for all services provided by all operators.

NFC and the Future of e-Money

Mobile operators also began to breathe easier, because the use of e-money will be easier with the presence of NFC technology (Near Field Communication). Earlier this year HTC, Nokia and Samsung has been selling some type smartphone with NFC features, among them the Nexus and Nokia Lumia 900.

With NFC technology, e-money transactions can be done simply by putting a smartphone in the NFC Reader owned merchant. Increasing number of e-money managers are also likely encourage the acceleration of the merchant and public understanding.

In the year of launch the number of users of new e-money 165 193 with an average daily transactions of Rp 19.15 million and the volume of two thousand. In the September 2011 e-money users has reached 11.7 million with an average value of daily transaction volume of USD 2.5 billion and 102 thousand.

According Sharing Vision, e-money users in 2012 will reach 18 million in transactions of Rp 1.2 trillion. Of this amount was estimated at 20 percent of users will be actively trading, much of the previous year only 10 percent of active users.

In Europe, e-money has been growing since the 2000s. At first the number of transactions is only about 50 million with contributions ranging from 0.35 percent of all existing transactions. But then grew beyond the ordinary to about 380 million in 2006 with contributions reaching 1.23 percent of total transactions. Some countries are experiencing significant growth in e-money are Belgium, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

E-money service that has enjoyed the people of Indonesia are: Jak Card (Bank DKI Jakarta), Flazz (BCA), Gaz card Indomaret Card and E-Toll Card (Bank Mandiri), Studio Pass Card and Smart Card (Bank Mega), Jazz Java Card and my card (BNI), and BRIZZI (BRI).

While the e-money products issued by mobile operators are: T-cash (Telkomsel), Pomegranate and FlexiCash (Telkom), purse (Indosat), Cash XL (XL Axiata), and Skye Card (PT. Skye Sat Indonesia).

In many developed countries has widened the e-money needs of the community, although not as popular as credit and debit cards. Some e-money services that have been known to include: Visa Cash (Visa), MONDEX (MasterCard), Ukash (UK), eCash (Australia), SuperCash (Japan), Zoompass (Canada), Octopus Card (Hong Kong), MicroCash ( Thailand), M-Pesa (Kenya), Globe (Filipinos), Mobile Money (Malaysia) and CashCard (Singapore).

E-Money Banking vs. Operator

E-money issue for the banking system generally serves a specific transaction. Such as e-toll transactions only serves to toll booth, Studio Pass Card only works for Trans Studio entrance. However, the publishers generally seeks to develop the ability cards for a variety of other transactions.

While the issue of e-money mobile operators generally have more features. Pomegranate Telkom issue may be used to pay all your monthly bills such as home phone Telkom Group, Speedy, Flexi, Telkom Vision and Halo Card.

Pomegranate may also be used to buy credits Flexi, Sympathy, U.S. and other online games that work with Speedy. Pomegranate even been equipped with remittance features, namely the ability to transfer money to other people regardless of location with just a phone.

If users want to withdraw cash Pomegranate, Plasa Telkom could come to the nearest shops bearing the Pomegranate. Telkomsel T-cash issue could even be used for spending or cash withdrawal at all outlets Indomaret.

Global internet giant, Google has also issued e-money with the Google brand Wallet (GW). GW was launched in May 2011 and then in New York. This product is the result of cooperation of the leaders of each industry.

Ie Google as king of the internet, Citibank as the king of the banking, MasterCard credit cards as a king, as king of the First Data transaction security payments, and Sprint Nextel as one of the leading mobile operator in the United States. Collaboration of the five giants of this world would be strong evidence that e-money will become the trend of the world with tremendous business prospects.

GW can be used for online payment transactions on the internet or offline transactions in stores bearing the GW, simply by attaching a mobile Google Reader on the NFC. GW has three bags of money, namely Citibank, MasterCard and Google Prepaid Card. Thus, all customers of Citibank, MasterCard or Google Prepaid Card can be e-money transactions with GW worldwide.

Convenience offered by Google Wallet will likely soon spread to the entire world. While the issue of domestic e-money will also be favored when the interoperability of existing operator 11 can be completed this year.

Increasing number of smartphone with NFC features in this year also helped accelerate the penetration of e-money. The three main things that will encourage the expansion of merchant and public understanding. Thus the prediction of cash less society in 2013 is very rational.

If you are a trend setter or a netizen, do not forget to try the e-money as soon as possible, before the train left the next year.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Professor of Italian Try Google Challenging

Rome, Italy - Not many people know, there is a computer science professor who inspired the birth of Google. Now, the professor hopes to compete with the search engine giant.

Massimo Marchiori, the Italian professor named Volunia launch site. The site allows users to view a particular website components to find the subject of interest more quickly and interact with other users who have registered, the possibility of looking for the same web page.

"Web is a great place to live. There is information, as well as the people in it. Social dimension has been there," said Marchiori as reported by AFP on Tuesday (07/02/2012).

The man who in 1990 discovered an algorithm for the ranking service internet page named HyperSearch is sure, the functions available on Volunia would be normally found on search engines including Google and Yahoo.

Volunia whose copyright is listed in the United States, currently only available on a limited basis. Marchiori plans to expand its availability in 12 languages ​​including English, Arabic, Japanese and Russian in the next few months.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

He is the Most Powerful Cell Phone on the Temperature of Frozen

Finland - Will cell phones sold in the market can survive in very cold conditions? A main question underlying this test 18 popular brands of mobile phones to measure resilience in extreme temperatures.

MikroPC media trial conducted in Finland, one of the countries in Europe that are experiencing extreme cold weather nan. A total of 15 best selling phones that Nokia is included in the enclosure. There are also three more models for a comparison, so a total of 18 phones.

Endurance test conducted in a laboratory that can be regulated temperature. Initial temperature of 0 degrees Celsius 9 degrees gradually lowered to a temperature at which all the phones stopped working. How did it go?

Apple iPhone 4S turned out to be the first one fails. At a temperature of -5 degrees, 4S iPhone and Nokia N9 are equally disturbed. At a temperature of -10 degrees, iPhone 4S totally dead. While N9 can withstand temperatures up to -19 degrees.

Quoted from PCWorld, Tuesday (07/02/2012), the majority of smartphone can not survive in temperatures of -15 to -20 degrees Celsius. While the phone is more durable feature where there are surviving in temperatures -25 degrees.

Samsung Galaxy S II turned out to be quite strong and the most enduring smartphone. The new Android handset is off when the temperature was lowered to -35 degrees Celsius. Galaxy S II commensurate with Samsung Xcover and Nokia C2-02.

Then the phones which are a champion? Apparently champion is cheap handset Nokia C1-01 and Nokia E65. Both are still able to function until the temperature showed a -40 degrees Celsius, the coldest temperature in Finland.

Several factors cause why the handset so that one can better survive in cold temperatures than others. For example, a handset with an AMOLED display is said to be cold resistant than LCD.

Here's a list of tested phones and how they survive until the temperature. The left side shows when the phone began to show symptoms of damage at a given temperature and the right display when the phone is turned off:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

8 The figure of talent in the World of Technology

Technological world enlivened by the presence of the following figures. With talent and his skill, their names can not be separated from the success of famous brands such as Google, Apple and Facebook. Anyone?

These eight talented figure in the technology world version TechRadar, Tuesday (02/07/2012):

A. Tim Cook, Apple
According to Forbes, Apple's CEO does not have a similar vision with the late Steve Jobs, but it was able to change the state of manufacturing, distribution and supply Apple to better conditions. Before being appointed chief executive officer, Cook used to occupy the position as Chief Operating Officer of Apple.

2. Jeff Bezos, Amazon
Many see that the founder of Amazon have in common with Steve Jobs, especially in the 'predict' the future. Bezos also able to make its products dominate the market before anyone noticed. Amazon is known to dominate book sales, online retail and ebook. Do not forget also the success that could exceed the Kindle Fire Android tablet sales in some areas.

3. Jonathan Ive, Apple
He is a person behind the design of Apple products is captivating. Already proven his skills since the 1990s with the birth of the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MackBook Pro to the MacBook Air. Ive been called the Daily Mail as 'design genius'.

4. Marissa Mayer, Google
The youngest among the ranks of the executive operating committee Google. Plus, he also became the youngest on the list of Most Powerful Women Fortune magazine. Mayer is famous for the brilliant idea. He share in the management and design for many Google products.

(Marissa Mayer)

5. Joichi Ito-MIT
In addition to being one of the directors of Mozilla, Ito also became chairman of Creative Commons and the leadership of MIT Media Lab.

6. Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo
Dedengkot in the gaming world, he even mentioned as a god in the video game industry. He was behind the popular names such as Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin and Nintendogs.

7. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, but Sheryl Sandberg, who runs the business, including sales, marketing, human resources, and others.

8. Sundar Pichai, Google
Reportedly, Google pays Pinchai tens of millions of dollars that he survived on Google rather than move to Twitter. The result? Chrome reap success and be able to undermine the Firefox market share in just three years.