Saturday, February 18, 2012

Facebook Could Make People More Isolated

Facebook helps you collect hundreds of friends instantly, but people with low self-esteem that will restrict their comments on Facebook than to lose a friend. Thus dilaporankan of a study.

Although the aims of social media to share what he was feeling and can make friends, but investigators found that there are some people who would rather make a bad opinion of himself. They prefer to post negative messages that do not like my friends in cyberspace, and ultimately distance themselves with another friend.

In one study, psychologists from Canada, Amanda Forest and Joanne Wood asked a group of students about what they think about Facebook, social networks that already have 800 million members worldwide.

Psychologists found that students who have low self confidence to believe that social networking is a safer place to make friends, because they reduce the risk of an awkward situation.

Psychologists from the University of Waterloo is then interviewed the students about what they usually write on your Facebook profile. Psychologists ask if they write something positive or negative.

Finally, researchers found that people who write something more positive than those who preferred to write something negative.

For example, if someone who posted that he was very lucky to have friends and can not wait for extraordinary day tomorrow, will be favored over those who complained of loss of mobile phones.

Forest, chief author of this research report, said that Facebook provides an ideal opportunity for social intercourse and can be something useful for people who are often in an awkward situation in the real world.

"If you talk to someone directly and say something, you probably will get an indication that they do not like, or they are sick of hearing your negative words. On Facebook, you will not see most of these reactions," says Forest.

Forest did not investigate whether the negative comments would lead to a negative response as well, but he suggested that before posting, users ensure that the impact of these postings for members of social networking.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Steve Jobs Officially Recognized contribution to World Music

Although during the late Steve Jobs is known as a technology leader, but was judged Jobs has given many contributions to the world of music. Monday (2/13/2012), the founder of Apple was awarded the Grammy Trustees Award.

What are the services Jobs in the music industry? The answer is the media iPod music player and online music store iTunes Store.

Steve Jobs is not the person who created the iPod. But Jobs quickly saw an opportunity when Tony Fadell seeking funding for digital music players are small. The result, Apple's iPod has changed the way a person in the enjoyment of music.

When the iPod was first launched, many people think that Apple is no longer focused on the computer. But Jobs said, Apple is a company that is always innovating. "The music we hear is the soundtrack of our lives in this world," said Jobs.

iPod became the biggest-selling media player in the world.

Jobs are also considered to participate against online music piracy. On 28 April 2003, Jobs launched the iTunes Music Store, a place where one can download music files legally.

Before the iTunes Store any, to purchase digital music is very annoying. People prefer to piracy because it's easier, they spontaneously filter out all the tracks in one album. Apple's online music store all the ease comes with a music album and a collection of various labels.

iTunes Store is considered to have saved the music industry. Since 2008, the iTunes Store became the largest online music retailer in the United States.

Because these services, Jobs is considered to have given many important contributions to the world and the music industry. Grammy Award for Jobs received by Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Service Apple, in Los Angeles on Saturday (11/02/2012).

"Music means so much to Steve Jobs. He tells us that music has formed his life," Cue said when accepting the award.

Cue at the end of the show also said that Jobs really liked the works of Bob Dylan and The Beatles. It is they who have made the soundtrack in Jobs life.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anonymous Create Site CIA "Offline"

Anonymous hacker group seemed to be fond of making news with the act he was doing. After the hijack e-mail the president of Syria, this time the CIA was harassed.

U.S. security agency site, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is inaccessible on Friday (02/10/2012) yesterday. Group of hackers (hackers) Anonymous claims, they who commit such attack.

The hackers who are members of the group Anonymous is signaled their success to the CIA site offline through Twitter account @ YourAnonNews, with the tweet contains: "CIA TANGO DOWN: # Anonymous". A few hours after the tweet was posted, the site of the CIA could not be accessed.

This attack could be a follow-up Anonymous closing the case against file sharing websites MegaUpload.

Besides the CIA, Anonymous himself had hijacked the website of the Department of Homeland Security United States and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Beginning this February, Anonymous managed to tap and broadcast a conference call recording secret conversations between the FBI and British law enforcement officials about the investigation of cyber crime.

This is not the first time the CIA created the site offline by hackers. In the middle of last year, the CIA website has also been hijacked by the group Lulz Security.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tips Painting Photos with iPhone

Armed with iPhone, anyone can process images into photo shots like "painting". In fact, quality is not inferior to the professional photographer edits.

One of the founders HDRiPhoneographer, Binsar Nasution explained basically any photo from your iPhone camera shots can be directly processed for photo "painting" or quality High Dynamic Range (HDR).

"If you use a regular camera, usually the objects set out in the shooting, but in this HDR, we edit it depends (in terms of HDR is known as a pinch)," said Binsar at the Botanical Photo walk in Bogor, West Java, on Sunday (12/2 / 2012).

To edit the photos from the iPhone camera shots, iPhone owners can download the HDR applications in the App Store. Main applications used are Photoshop Express (PSE) and iCamera HDR.

PSE is more used to increase the exposure (from dark to light or vice versa) and to eliminate noise. But, says Binsar, some iPhone users or fans of HDR is actually more pleased with the presence of noise.

While the application of HDR iCamera more used to generate the HDR-quality photos. Other applications that can be used is PhotoFX and Snapseed. Both of these applications are equally used for additional filtering of color.

"PSE and iCamera HDR is a major application, others are just a complement," he added.

However, Binsar admitted no fixed rule in the process images into pictures HDR shots like "painting" is. The essence of HDR images is adding or subtracting light (light) and shadow (shadow) on the photo.

To be able to get a good HDR photo, Binsar said all depends on the poke iPhone owners.

It will also be adjusted to taste the art of iPhone owners. If the owner of the iPhone's understanding of art, only in a few minutes, the image is "painting" it would be.

HDRiPhoneographer even have a HDR image processing challenges in just 360 seconds, or about six minutes. And it worked.

"In my opinion, a good HDR image is a photo with a more dramatic contrast. So it's like pure painting, not like a computer edits," he said.

Any type of iPhone

To be able to edit photos as "paintings", users can use the iPhone from all the series both the iPhone 3G, iPhone or iPhone 4 iPhone 4S and previous series.

The difference is the long editing in each type of device. The longer the series of iPhone used, the storage process and the process of rendering photo edits are also getting longer. And vice versa.

"It depends on the type of processor used in each of the iPhone. The bigger the processor, the rendering is also growing rapidly," said Binsar.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toshiba Recommend a New Television Series 5 Power

Toshiba REGZA LCD televisions introduced 5 that carries the nickname of their latest "Power". Television is a third generation of the REGZA TV Power Power Booster 20 (PB20) and the Power Saver 20 (PS20).

PS20 Power REGZA TV and PB20 using the Auto Clean feature that is claimed to make the picture more clear. In addition, television is also pinned Auto Signal Booster technology that could signal more robust reception.

"So you could say the picture quality is free 'ant'," said Robert Dwijaya, Industrial Designer Toshiba R & D Department Indonesia, at La Piazza Mall, Coconut Ivory Jakarta, Thursday (02/09/2012).

So far, said Robert, people always complain about a TV that only has a standard internal booster. So even using an antenna height of the image remains less clear and less sharp.

Above reason, Toshiba introduced a television with a more powerful booster.

New Design

In addition to these two technologies, Toshiba is also implementing a new design.

The design called Dots has a function to reduce the effects of scratches. This design is specifically embedded in PB20 series.

While the PS20 has been immersed Narrow Bezel design is minimalist and sleek is 17 mm.

"Design is about 60 percent slimmer than the frame (bezel) of conventional television," he added.

The series is said to have been supporting the USB connection and an external hard disk. Users can view 28 types of video formats.

Previously, only supported USB connectivity only and can only accept 27 types of video formats.

Variants and the price offered for the PB20 is: 32 inches (USD 2.6 million), 40 inches (USD 5.4 million) and 46 inches (USD 8.5 million). While the PS20: 32 inches (USD 3.35 million) and 40 inches (USD 6.6 million).

Power TV superior

Throughout 2011, dominated the TV series Power REGZA Toshiba TV sales. REGZA rose from fourth to second place in Indonesia.

In addition about products, Fransisca Maya, Senior Marketing Manager of Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, said the TV Power key success factors is the distribution, promotion and price.

Early 2011, based on a survey of GFK, Toshiba's market share is 12 percent. But at the end of 2011, its market share rose to 24.7 percent. Toshiba is targeting, in 2012 to 32 percent.

Fransisca said sales of LCD and LED TVs Toshiba reach about 200-300 thousand units per month. Or, approximately 2.5 million units per year.

"Private consumption is still an LCD television. But we also have introduced LED televisions at affordable prices," said Maya.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jason Mraz User Challenge Instagram

Singer songwriter Jason Mraz, challenging Instagram users to translate his new song, I Will not Give Up, into an image. Anyone who went in the contest, could be a picture of it with the hashtag # IWONTGIVEUP.

"I am grateful to all those who have been listening to I Will not Give Up. And I would love to see how the song was translated into a visual interpretation that is so rich," Mraz said to the tech site Mashable.

Singer song I'm Yours is one of the user editing and sharing application Instagram photo, which has as many as 173 594 people follower.

According to Mraz, photo submission deadline will be closed on 20 February 2012. And until now, has more than 3,000 photos submitted by our users Instagram. In fact, the young actress Selena Gomez also join the competition.

Mraz will select the photos that come in, then chose 25 winners. Which emerged as the winner will be invited to meet Mraz in a private ceremony in New York, United States.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg Just Ask Salaries by Steve Jobs

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, it really admire Steve Jobs. One proof, Zuckerberg willingly paid only one dollar per year starting next January 1, 2013, the same as that obtained by Jobs.

According to the prospectus documents (S-1) is filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Capital Market Supervisory Agency), Zuckerberg's volunteered for a salary worth it.

In fact, in 2011 and then, one of the richest young man has a base salary of 500,000 U.S. dollars. In fact, he also received a bonus of 220 500 U.S. dollars in the first half of 2011.

Not only that, the documents also leaked that Zuckerberg received other compensation amounting to 789 529 U.S. dollars, including 692 679 U.S. dollars for the use and rental fees associated with private aircraft security program for family and friends over the past year.

Although only paid a dollar, students drop out of Harvard University dropout is going to receive other income, including from Zuckerberg on Facebook share ownership of 28.4 percent, or about 533.8 million shares.

In addition to Zuckerberg owned by 28.4 percent stake in Facebook also has been owned by President Jim Breyer Accel Management Company of 11.4 percent, Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder of Facebook) about 7.6 percent, the Internet investment firm Digital Sky Technologies (DST ) of 5.4 percent, and one of the early Facebook investor Peter Thiel, of 2.5 percent.