Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Google mechanically search new Generasion

middle to in secrecy stand by to launch new change [at] his searcher machine. Likely, attendance of searcher machine Bing from Microsoft make search engine they require to do some repairs.
this United States company have merilis preview from his searcher machine which have improve;repaired [by] pass blog Google Webmaster Central Blog.
In a few last month;moons, big team from Google work in a secret project, namely a new generation architecture in seeking web Google," that way postingan article in blog that.

Correction done in so many dimension be like speed of index, accuration and equipment of seeking result. Google tell that distorting still not yet can be seen [by] most user, but will alter the list of result of seeking.
In a tes done blog technological Mashable, new searcher machine Google this quicker proven and present sejumkah difference of moment present the seeking result compared to version before all.
Even you not yet will see a number of differences, this [is] really a upgrading komplet Google. Do not only quickly but in tes we also