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GotClip – easy to use video downloader

aaaaaOnline streaming videos are rampant and an ease to watch. But sometimes you want to download the video and keep it with you, or your internet might be slow that streaming videos don’t work that well. Then you need to use GotClip, the easiest video downloading software. It is compatible with YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metcafe etc. And all you have to do is put in the url of video and it will download it. You can queue up multiple videos for simultaneous download with resume support.


aaaaaBut this easy to use software lacks of lot of settings and features which should have been there like there is no setting for default download folder. So, each time you add a file it will ask for path every time. Secondly there is no simultaneous download limit, meaning that whatever is in the queue will start to download. You cannot limit one download at a a time. Lastly there is no option to set default YouTube video quality to download. For each video YouTube carries multiple qualities of video for streaming. There is no way to configure in this software which quality you want to download.

aaaaaSo, as a bare bones video downloader GotClip works well; but bear in mind it has no configuration or settings that would make it fine tuned for each users liking.

aaaaaYou can get it for free @ Official site

EnerJ: A software solution to reduce CPU load by 90%

aaaaaEnerJ a project of University of Washington aims to bring down the CPU loads, temperature and power consumption by 90%. And rather than a physical cooling solution, they aim to do this by an open-source software which will manage how calculations are done on CPU.

aaaaaThis software breaks all the instructions to CPU into two parts: one that require high precision calculations and other which is not so crucial. And separate voltage levels are maintained to reduce the power used by less crucial instructions. This allows them to do a power saving of around 50% right now. But EnerJ team hopes to increase this by 90% after optimization. This solution will be released as open source code for the world later this summer.

aaaaa[via Gizmag]

The art of video games at E3

God of War 3a

Cronos Battle by Tyler Breona

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Entertainment Software Association announced the winners of the 2011 Into the Pixel collection. These works of art will be unveiled and displayed at this year's E3 Expo from June 7-9 in the Concourse Foyer at the Los Angeles Convention Center. To see all the winners click here.a

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Syria Shuts Down Internet Service To Contain Revolt

Someday the full story of the Internet's role in the Arab Spring uprisings will be known. For the moment, the most visible part of that story is that Syria has shut down the Internet in its country.

As protests continue to escalate against the regime of President Bashar Assad, the Internet has been the means by which information has been received from, and delivered to, the outside world. But now, according to the Internet monitoring firm Renesys, about two-thirds of all Syrian networks became "unreachable" from the Internet early Friday morning.

'A Tipping Point'

Renesys said 40 of 59 networks were withdrawn from the global routing table within about half an hour. It noted that there is essentially only one Internet service provider in Syria, the state-owned SyriaTel, which feeds three smaller downstream ISPs. The only network Relevant Products/Services components that are still reachable are those belonging to the government. About four million Syrians, out of a population of 22 million, normally have Internet access.

"If Egypt and Libya's Internet outages are any guide," Renesys said on its blog, "one might conclude that events on the street in Syria are reaching a tipping point."

Reports indicate the protests, and the violent response by the government, show no signs of abating. More than 60 people were reported killed in the town of Hama, and as many as 20 were injured in Deir Al-Zour following demonstrations after Friday prayers. The towns of Rastan and Talibiseh in central Syria are reportedly surrounded by the army and tanks.

Observers have estimated that more than 1,100 people have been killed since the demonstrations began in March, and more than 10,000 have been detained.

Finding Ways Out

On Friday afternoon, the Al-Jazeera news service reported that a government-sponsored web site had confirmed the shutdown, noting that the government "cut off Internet service (3G, DSL, dial-up) all across Syria, including in government institutions."

But, as happened following the Internet shutdown during the Egyptian revolution, some protesters are finding alternative ways of getting video Relevant Products/Services and other information out of the country, by such means as satellite transmission. That information flow informed the world about the torture and death of a 13-year-old boy, Hamza al-Khatib, who has become a symbol of the Syrian uprising.

During the Egyptian revolution in January, ISPs were ordered by the government to shut down all international connections to the Internet. The four big ISPs in that country -- Link Egypt, Vodafone/Raya, Telecom Egypt, and Etisalat Misr -- all complied. The shutdown left essentially all Internet addresses in Egypt unreachable.

During the shutdown in Egypt, however, the Noor Group's routes were left open. The speculation was that Noor, which provided connectivity to the Egyptian Stock Exchange, was left running so markets could still operate. Net access was restored after being shut down for five days.

UN report: Internet access is a basic human right

By Nidhi Subbaraman

Access to the Internet, especially during times of political unrest, is a basic human right, says a report released by the United Nations today.a

"Facilitating access to the Internet for all individuals, with as little restriction to online content as possible, should be a priority for all States," says the report, published on May 16 by Frank La Rue, a "special rapporteur" for the UN's Human Rights Council.a

"... The unique features of the Internet, which allow individuals to spread information instantly, to organize themselves, and to inform the world about situations of injustice and inequality, have also created fear among Governments and the powerful," La Rue said in a press release.a

The report urges states to avoid or amend any laws that "permit users to be disconnected from Internet access."a

Wired's Threat Level, which was first to point out the report, said that La Rue was also "alarmed" by recent decisions by the UK and France to allow unplugging illegal file sharers.a

The UN report defines Internet access to include both free information flow as well as access to infrastructure, "such as cables, modems, computers and software, to access the Internet in the first place."a

In the recent past, governments have restricted access to the Internet as they got wind of uprisings. Earlier today, after escalating conflict in the country, large parts of Syria lost access to the Internet. Egypt's goverment similarly blocked access to the Internet in the early days of its spring revolution, and Bahrain's connection slowed as demonstrations got underway there.a

More on the Internet from

Syrian government unplugs Internet for much of country How the Internet brought down a dictator Bahrain Internet service starting to slow Power of Twitter, Facebook in Egypt crucial, says UN rep

Nidhi Subbaraman is the technology and science intern at Connect with Technolog on Facebook, and find Nidhi on Twitter.a

Hacked Again: User Data Stolen from Sony Pictures

Sony has yet to fully recover from the public beating it took after its Sony PlayStation Network hack. Now the company's movie division has been breached.

The same hackers who recently broke into the PBS web site and led many to believe that murdered rapper Tupac Shakur is still alive are taking responsibility for the attack on Sony Pictures' web site. The now-infamous hacker group is called LulzSec.

"We recently broke into and compromised over 1,000,000 users' personal information, including passwords, e-mail addresses, home addresses, dates of birth, and all Sony opt-in data Relevant Products/Services associated with their accounts. Among other things, we also compromised all admin details of Sony Pictures (including passwords) along with 75,000 'music codes' and 3.5 million 'music coupons,'" the group said in a post at Pastebin.

"From a single injection, we accessed everything," the group said. "What's worse is that every bit of data we took wasn't encrypted. Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plain text, which means it's just a matter of taking it."

Finding the Threats

Sony needs to find the advanced persistent threat or threats that likely are sitting deep in its network Relevant Products/Services, according to Stephen Gates, director of field engineering for Top Layer. That, he said, is because the hacker community isn't coming in through the front door -- they aren't knocking holes in the firewall.

"It has to be some sort of backdoor into these networks, and companies like Sony need to put some sort of protection mechanisms in place to identify these advanced persistent threats and shut them down," Gates said.

As Gates sees it, Sony needs to identify the compromised machines by tapping technology like intrusion-prevention systems that can thoroughly analyze the protocols coming in and out of its network, clearly identifying the protocol anomalies, and most likely identifying these compromises and shutting them down.

"Companies should take this as a warning and proactively inspect all traffic leaving their network," Gates said. "Most companies are concerned with what is coming and never look at what is leaving. If they were to look more closely at what was leaving their network, they would find these advanced persistent threats."

Simple SQL Injection

Fred Touchette, a senior security Relevant Products/Services analyst at AppRiver, said Thursday's attack against Sony Pictures and its network demonstrates the need for more emphasis to be placed upon cybersecurity. Less than two months after the initial attacks began against Sony's PlayStation Network, the parent company is finding itself breached once again in yet another branch of the company.

"The real kicker here is that, according to the group that pulled off yesterday's attacks, they used a simple SQL injection attack against their databases in order to pull from them all of this private information, which was once again stored unencrypted in plain text," Touchette said.

"I believe Sony should have moved a little faster and used the information from their debacle in April to harden their network company wide," he added. "Hopefully that message is truly clear to them now, as well as to everyone else out there who handles personal private information."

Google can now guess when you want images


By Rosa Golijan

Up until recently, searching for pictures on Google meant that you had to actually maneuver your mouse over to a little "images" button either before entering a query or after seeing a few thumbnails on the results page. Well, no more of that! Google can now just guess when you want images.a

Google made some small tweaks to the Google Image search results in order to make our lives easier:a

Analysing your search query for “high image intent”, [Google] will now know when you’re searching for images and display a larger grid of images in the results without you having to head into the Image Search section.a

Additionally, taking inspiration from last year’s revamp of Google Image Search, the row of image results at the top of many results pages will now display in a tile format, with a nice ‘pop-out’ effect when you hover over them.a

As the trick to triggering the image heavier results appears to involve queries such as "cat photos" or "funny pictures," we're not really sure how much you're benefitting from this tweak. After all, an extra click or an extra word will take just about the same amount of effort and time.a

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Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. She's obsessed with Twitter and loves to be liked on Facebook.a

Friday, June 3, 2011

The video games of June

"Alice: The Madness Returns," Duke Nukem, FEAR, inFAmous and E3 all in one game-packed month of June.a

T-Mobile Will Offer Low-Cost Samsung Smartphones

T-Mobile is rolling out two new Android-powered Samsung smartphones, the Exhibit 4G and the Gravity SMART, with post-rebate prices of less than $100 with a new two-year contract. While AT&T previewed a $70 Android-based Crossover smartphone Relevant Products/Services on Tuesday, that offering is from Pantech -- a brand name unfamiliar to many U.S. consumers.

So T-Mobile will soon have two products that specifically target customers looking for rich connectivity and unique entertainment experiences at affordable prices. The wireless Relevant Products/Services carrier also recently introduced new voice, text and data Relevant Products/Services plans that let price-conscious consumers realize further savings, noted T-Mobile Senior Vice President Andrew Sherrard.

"T-Mobile is continuing to help families easily make the move to smartphones with these new Android-powered handsets, together with data plans as low as $10 per month, all running on America's largest 4G network Relevant Products/Services," Sherrard said.

The Samsung Smartphones

The Exhibit 4G integrates a one-gigahertz processor, a three-megapixel camera with flash and a camcorder, a front-facing camera for video Relevant Products/Services chats, and a Wi-Fi radio. Powered by Google Relevant Products/Services's Android 2.3, Gingerbread, the Exhibit is primarily aimed at consumers looking to access free entertainment programs from broadcasters such as ABC News Now, FOX Sports, PBS Kids, and Azteca America via T-Mobile TV as well as premium TV content and games.

The Gravity SMART is the latest addition to Samsung's Gravity portfolio of devices featuring social-networking and premium-messaging Relevant Products/Services options. Powered by Android 2.2, Froyo, the smartphone has a spacious slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a three-megapixel camera with LED flash, digital zoom, and a camcorder.

Sporting a full web browser, the SMART has a 3.2-inch touchscreen with a simplified text-input technology called Swype, which enables the user to send messages even when the keyboard is closed. Another feature called pin-it notes enables users to retain important messages on the home screen for quick reference.

Both smartphones have access to Google's family of mobile Relevant Products/Services services as well as the myriad applications available from the Android Market, and are slated to become available from T-Mobile later this month.

The new HTC Sensation 4G that T-Mobile previewed earlier this week is expected to be available beginning June 15 at a post=rebate price of $199.

Low-Priced Data Plans

The low-cost Samsung smartphones are a big part of T-Mobile's subscriber growth strategy, along with a new suite of plans for families and individuals. Earlier this month, T-Mobile introduced high-speed data plans in 200MB, 2GB, 5GB and 10GB increments as well as an unlimited data plan.

For example, T-Mobile's new entry point for price-conscious consumers is priced at $10 per month for 200MB, while its family plan offers unlimited talk, text and data for $139.99 per month. The goal is to attract the 80 percent of U.S. wireless customers who don't have smartphones, noted T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman.

"We're providing customers with the 4G coverage they need, an exciting portfolio of 4G smartphones, and the value and flexibility to meet the diverse desires of their entire family," Brodman said.

Deals of the day: Monty Python, monitors, and more


By Rosa Golijan

Our "deals of the day" roundup is a selection of some of the better gadgets, gaming and app deals on the Internet right now — with a few strange odds and ends thrown in for fun. Here's what's worth considering today: Discounted monitors, the Monty Python DVD megaset for $34, Crysis 2 for $40, and more.a


15.6" Acer AS5736Z-4460 Pentium, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD for $330 (Normally $394) 15.6" Dell XPS 15z ultra-thin Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz "Sandy Bridge" Laptop w/6GB RAM, 500GB 7200RPM HDD, 1080p LCD & 2yr warranty for $1,100 (Normally $1,338) 14" Lenovo Ideapad Z470 Core i5-2410M 2.3GHz Dual-core Laptop w/8GB RAM, 750GB HDD for $699(Normally $1,099) 13.3" Dell Vostro 3350 Core i5-2410M "Sandy Bridge" 2.3GHz Laptop w/4GB RAM, 320GB 7200RPM HDD, Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint Reader & 8-cell battery for $711 (Normally $861) Dell Studio XPS 8300 Core i7-2600 3.4GHz "Sandy Bridge" Tower w/6GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Blu-ray & 24" ST2420L LED-backlit LCD monitor for $969 (Normally $1,403) Dell Vostro 230 3.2GHz Intel Dual-core Mini Tower w/3GB RAM, 250GB HDD & 21.5" Dell E2211H 1080p LED-backlit LCD Monitor for $399 (Normally $550) 30" Dell UltraSharp U3011 IPS-panel LCD Monitor for $1,124 (Normally $1,499) 42" LG 42LV5500 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV+ LG BD630 Blu-ray Player + HDMI Cable Kit Bundle for $769 (Normally $1,080) Dell 4210X DLP Multimedia Projector (Dual VGA, RJ45, HDMI) for $799 (Normally $999) 23" Dell ST2310 1080p LCD Monitor for $150 (Normally $230) Logitech Professional Presenter R800 for $43 (Normally $65) Canon PowerShot SX210 IS 14-MP Digital Camera + 4GB Memory Card + Case for $199 (Normally $260) 17.3" HP dv7-4296nr Quad Core i7-2630QM, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Radeon HD 6570M for $850 (Normally $950) 15.6" Lenovo Y560p 43972FU Quad Core i7-2630QM, 8GB RAM, 750GB 7200RPM HDD, Radeon HD 6570M for $799 (Normally $1,149) 15.6" Toshiba Satellite L650-BT2N15 Core i3-380, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD for $489 (Normally $779) 14" Lenovo ThinkPad T420i Core i3-2310M 2nd Gen, 4GB RAM, 500GB 7200RPM HDD for $712 (Normally $832) 11.6" Lenovo S205 103827U AMD Fusion E-350, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Radeon HD 6310 for $379 (Normally $499) 27" Asus VE278Q LED Monitor for $300 (Normally $343) 23" Samsung PX2370 LED Monitor for $230 (Normally $270) 40" Sharp Aquos LC40E77U 1080p LCD HDTV for $590 (Normally $699) Harman Kardon AVR1600 7.1-Channel AV Receiver for $300 (Normally $499) Pioneer BDP-330 Blu-ray Disc Player for $115 (Normally $218) Samsung ST700 16 MP Digital Camera for $185 (Normally $210)


Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor w/ Kinect Adventures Game for $110 (Normally $140) Play Call of Duty: Black Ops via Steam June 2-5 for $0 Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) for $40 (Normally $65) New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS) + Plants vs. Zombies (DS) for $41 (Normally $51) Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) for $14 (Normally $20) Lego Rock Band (Xbox 360) for $11 (Normally $19) Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii) for $10 (Normally $15) Dead Space 2 Collector Edition (Xbox 360) for $40 (Normally $79) Crysis 2 (Xbox 360 or PS3) for $40 (Normally $49) Bulletstorm (Xbox 360 or PS3) for $37 (Normally $49)


Speedball 2 Evolution (iOS) for $0 (Normally $3) Red Storm (iOS) for $0 (Normally $2) Red Storm HD (iPad) for $0 (Normally $2) Ace Pool 3D (iOS) for $0 (Normally $2) Battle Defender 2 (iOS) for $0 (Normally $2) 3D Shuffle Board Bowling (iOS) for $0 (Normally $2) 3D Penguin Bowling (iOS) for $0 (Normally $2) Helicopter Taxi (iOS) for $0 (Normally $2)

Miscellaneous odds and ends:a

Get Smart - The Complete Series Gift Set (DVD) for $71 (Normally $119) The Sopranos: The Complete Series (DVD) for $133 (Normally $189) The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System (Blu-ray) for $12(Normally $19) Transformers: The Complete Series (DVD) for $60 (Normally $82) The Complete Monty Python's 16 Ton Megaset: Flying Circus (DVD) for $34 (Normally $75) Rome: The Complete Series [DVD] for $40 (Normally $65) Chuck: Season 1 (DVD) for $15 (Normally $22)

Note: Today's deals were discovered via:a

Dealhack, AppBrain, LogicBUY, FatWallet, CheapCollegeGamers, 148Apps, SlickDeals, CheapStingyBargains, Dealzon, Brand Name Coupons and GamerHotlinea

Please read the detailed descriptions of each linked offer carefully before buying — is not responsible for the duration or integrity of individual deals.a

Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. She's a bit obsessed with Twitter and loves to be liked on Facebook.a


Membuat Recent Posts Pada Blogspot dengan Menggunakan Feed URL dengan Kategori, Indeks dan Gambar Thumbnail

Membuat Recent Posts Pada Blogspot dengan Menggunakan Feed URL dengan Kategori, Indeks dan Gambar Thumbnail

Pengertian Feed

Feed adalah suatu sarana untuk menampilkan sebagian isi posting atau artikel, baik itu berupa kalimat, gambar, ataupun suara. Dengan menggunakan Feed, baik melalui email, gadget yang di pasang di blog atau situs, ataupun melalui sarana Feed Reader seperti Google Reader, seseorang dapat mengetahui artikel-artikel terbaru suatu blog atau situs tanpa perlu datang mengunjunginya. Jika ada hal yang menarik, barulah berkunjung untuk membaca ataupun berkomentar mengenai artikel tersebut.

Selain untuk mengetahui artikel-artikel di blog atau situs lain, Feed ini juga bisa digunakan untuk menampilkan artikel-artikel pada blog sendiri (dalam bentuk gadget Recent Posts atau Posting Terbaru) agar para pengunjung blog dapat mengetahui dan membacanya jika tertarik. Hal ini akan dapat meningkatkan traffic pada blog tersebut ya.

Dari banyak blog atau situs yang membahas mengenai penggunaan Feed untuk membuat gadget Recent Posts atau Posting Terkini, aku akhirnya bisa mendapatkan Feed URL (alamat Feed) yang dapat digunakan untuk menampilkan artikel yang tidak hanya dapat menampilkan artikel terbaru berdasarkan label atau kategori artikel saja, tapi juga bisa berdasarkan indeks atau urutan artikel tertentu, atau bahkan berdasarkan keduanya, kategori dan indeks artikel.

Pada blogspot, secara default, Feed URL blog adalah seperti dibawah ini:
Feed URL ini akan menampilkan seluruh artikel terbaru yang ada di blog.

Untuk menampilkan artikel dengan indeks tertentu, maka Feed URL nya adalah sbb:
Feed URL ini akan menampilkan artikel terbaru yang ada di blog yang dimulai dari artikel ke 5.

Sedangkan untuk menampilkan artikel dengan kategori tertentu, maka Feed URL nya akan menjadi sbb:
Feed URL ini akan menampilkan artikel terbaru yang mempunyai kategori tanaman.
Sedangkan jika ingin menampilkan artikel dengan kategori tertentu dan dimulai dari artikel nomor tertentu, maka Feed URL nya akan menjadi seperti berikut:
Feed URL ini akan menampilkan artikel dengan kategori Tips Diet dan dimulai dari artikel nomor 3.

Catatan: ganti dengan nama blog yang diinginkan, ganti kategori dengan kategori yang diinginkan yang ada pada blog, dan ganti nilai indeks dengan angka yang diinginkan.
Penulisan spasi pada kategori dilambangkan dengan %20. Misal kategorinya adalah Tips Bisnis, maka penulisan kodenya menjadi Tips%20Bisnis.


Cara Membuat Recent Post Menggunakan Feed URL
Cara yang paling mudah untuk membuat Recent Posts dengan menggunakan Feed URL dengan kategori dan atau indeks pada blogspot ini adalah dengan memanfaatkan gadget Feed yang sudah disediakan oleh blogspot.

Login ke Blogspot --> Tata Letak (Layout) --> Elemen Laman
Lalu klik link Tambah Gadget di tempat yang diinginkan untuk memasang Recent Post ini.

Setelah itu pada menu Tambah Gadget, pilih Feed.

Lalu masukan alamat Feed URL yang kita inginkan, dan klik tombol 'Lanjutkan' untuk melihat atau mengedit tampilan Recent Post yang dibuat.

Setelah semua oke, klik Simpan.

Tampilannya nanti akan terlihat seperti pada gambar dibawah ini:

Kekurangan dari menggunakan gadget Feed untuk membuat Recent Posts adalah jumlah posting yang bisa ditampikan maksimal hanya 5 saja. Oleh karena itu jika ingin menampilkan lebih dari 5 posting dalam Recent Posts, ada alternatif lain yang bisa digunakan, yaitu menggunakan skrip kode berikut ini yang berasal dari JACKBOOK.COM
<script src=""></script>
var numposts = 10;
var showpostdate = false;
var showpostsummary = false;
var numchars = 100;
<script src=""></script>

var numposts = 10; /* Jumlah posting yang ingin ditampilkan
var showpostdate = false; /* Menampilkan tanggal atau tidak? (true=ya; false=tidak)
var showpostsummary = false; /* Menampilkan ringkasan posting atau tidak? (true=ya; false=tidak)
var numchars = 100; /* Jumlah karakter yang ditampilkan jika ingin menampilkan ringkasaan postuing
Kalimat RECENT POSTS dapat diganti dengan kalimat lain jika ingin.
NAMABLOG ganti dengan nama blog sesungguhnya.

Kopi kode tersebut diatas, lalu login ke Blogspot --> Tata Letak --> Elemen Laman
Lalu klik link Tambah Gadget di tempat yang diinginkan untuk memasang Recent Post ini.
Pilih gadget HTML/JavaScript dan masukan (paste) kode tadi ke dalamnya dan simpan.

Tampilan Recent Posts-nya nanti akan terlihat seperti pada gambar dibawah ini:

Jika ingin membuat Recent Post berdasar kategori tertentu, maka baris kode yang paling bawah pada kode diatas bisa diganti dengan baris kode berikut, dimana kalimat yang berwarna merah diganti dengan kata yang sesuai dengan blog yang ada.
<script src=""></script>

Jika ingin membuat Recent Post dengan indeks tertentu, maka baris kode yang paling bawah pada kode diatas bisa diganti dengan baris kode berikut, dimana kalimat yang berwarna merah diganti dengan kata yang sesuai dengan blog yang ada dan angkanya disesuaikan dengan urutan artikel yang dinginkan.
<script src=""></script>

Jika ingin membuat Recent Post berdasar kategori dan indeks tertentu, maka baris kode yang paling bawah pada kode diatas bisa diganti dengan baris kode berikut, dimana kalimat yang berwarna merah diganti dengan kata yang sesuai dengan blog yang ada.
<script src=""></script>

Sedangkan jika ingin menggunakan Feed URL untuk membuat Recent Post yang mempunyai gambar Thumbnail dan dengan kategori atau indeks tertentu, maka bisa membuatnya dengan mengunakan Recent Post Thumbnail Generator.
Setelah masuk, masukan saja Feed URL yang diinginkan dan edit tampilan yang diinginkan, seperti jumlah posting yang ingin ditampilkan, ukuran gambar thumbnail dll.

Untuk melihat preview tampilan gadget Recent Posts yang dibuat, klik link 'Preview Feed' yang ada di sebelah kanan atas.

Jika semua sudah sesuai dengan keinginan, klil link 'Generate JavaScript' yang ada di sebelah bawah link 'Preview Feed' untuk mendapatkan kodenya.

Kopi kode tersebut, lalu login ke Blogspot --> Tata Letak --> Elemen Laman
Lalu klik link Tambah Gadget di tempat yang diinginkan untuk memasang Recent Post ini.
Pilih gadget HTML/JavaScript dan masukan (paste) kode tadi ke dalamnya dan simpan.

Tampilan Recent Posts-nya nanti akan terlihat seperti pada gambar di bawah ini:

Catatan: Jika hanya ingin membuat Recent Post dengan gambar thumbnail saja tanpa ingin membuatnya berdasarkan kategori dan indeks tertentu, blogspot sudah menyediakan gadgetnya ya.

Login saja ke Blogspot --> Tata Letak --> Elemen Laman
Lalu klik link 'Tambah Gadget'.
Pada menu 'Tambahkan Gadget', klik tombol Unggulan disebelah kiri atas, lalu pilih gadget Recent Post yang ada di bawah (no 14), ikuti petunjuknya dan lalu simpan


Tampilan gadget Recent Posts-nya nanti akan terlihat seperti pada gambar dibawah ini:

Alternatif lain untuk memasang Recent Posts dengan Thumbnail tanpa berdasarkan pada kategori atau indeks adalah dengan menggunakan kode dari Blogger Triks.

Kodenya seperti terlihat dibawah ini. Untuk menggunakannya tinggal di kopi saja dan diletakan pada gadget HTML/JavaScript di tempat yang diinginkan.
<script language="JavaScript">
imgr = new Array();
imgr[0] = "";
imgr[1] = "";
imgr[2] = "";
imgr[3] = "";
imgr[4] = "";

showRandomImg = true;
boxwidth = 260;
cellspacing = 5;
borderColor = "#ffffff";
bgTD = "#000000";
thumbwidth = 40;
thumbheight = 40;
fntsize = 12;
acolor = "#666";
aBold = false;
icon = " ";
text = "";
showPostDate = false;
summaryPost = 40;
summaryFontsize = 10;
summaryColor = "#666";
icon2 = " ";
numposts = 10;
home_page =;
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

boxwidth = 260 adalah lebar gadget yangdiinginkan
thumbwidth = 40
ukuran lebar gambar thumbnail
thumbheight = 40 ukuran tinggi gambar thumbnail ganti dengan nama blog yang diinginkan

Tampilan recent postnya akan seperti terlihat pada gambar di bawah ini:

World IPv6 Day Will Test New Internet Protocol

Mark your calendars: Wednesday, June 8, is World IPv6 Day. On that date, the Internet Society will oversee the first global trial for the new Internet protocol.

The society said it will be joined by a variety of web sites and Internet service providers, including Facebook, Google Relevant Products/Services, Yahoo, Akamai and Limelight Networks. In all, more than 225 organizations will use IPv6 on their main services for a full 24 hours to test the technology and motivate other organizations to prepare for the handoff from the current IPv4, which is rapidly running out of addresses.

'An Important Step'

Leslie Daigle, chief Internet technology officer for the society, said the test flight is "an important step toward ensuring the global Internet can continue to grow and evolve so that it can connect Relevant Products/Services billions of new users and devices."

The goals of the test drive include exposing potential issues, but doing so under controlled conditions. The society estimates 99.95 percent of users will experience no problems connecting to the web on World IPv6 Day.

Businesses and Internet providers are encouraged to review their plans for the transition. Steps include providers making IPv6 connectivity available to all users, web sites offering their wares over IPv6, software updates for older operating systems, and firmware Relevant Products/Services updates by home gateway manufacturers. An open-source IPv6 test-drive site, created by Jason Fesler, is available at, with summary results about the visitor's readiness.

On Feb. 3, the end for IPv4 was announced. In a public ceremony, the last blocks of addresses based on the current Internet Protocol were assigned to regional Internet registries (RIR). Those addresses are projected to be given out by the RIRs by September, at which point the future expansion of the Internet will depend on a successful transition to IPv6.

Each block contains 16 million addresses, and one block went to each of the five regional organizations covering Africa, the Asia Pacific region, America, Europe and the Middle East, and the Latin American and Caribbean region. The handoff was conducted at a public ceremony in Miami by four international nonprofit groups that collaboratively administer the Internet addressing system.

'A Matter of Time'

Raúl Echeberría, chairman of the RIR umbrella organization, the Number Resource Organization, said in February that "it's only a matter of time before the RIRs and Internet service providers must start denying requests for IPv4 address space." He added that "deploying IPv6 is now a requirement, not an option." (continued...)

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Boy sells kidney for iPad 2

By Rosa Golijan

A Chinese teenager recently broke his mother's heart when he revealed that he'd undergone a risky surgery to remove and sell his kidney — in order to purchase an iPad 2.a

The Telegraph reports that the 17-year-old decided to partake in the cash-for-kidney exchange after seeing an online advertisement:a

I wanted to buy an iPad 2, but I didn't have the money. [...] When I surfed the internet I found an advert posted online by agent saying they were able to pay RMB20,000 [$3,085] to buy a kidney.a

The boy proceeded to follow the instructions in the ad, negotiated a fee with the agent and his partners, and traveled to the city of Chenzhou in the Hunan Province. His kidney was removed at a local hospital, and he was discharged after three days. He was paid about $3,400 for the procedure.a

With that kind of money in his pocket, the boy went on a shopping spree. He purchased the iPad 2 he coveted, along with other electronics and headed home:a

"When he came back, he had a laptop and a new Apple handset," his mother, identified as Miss Liu, told [a local news station], showing off the livid red scar where her son's kidney was removed, "I wanted to know how he had got so much money and he finally confessed that he had sold one of his kidneys."a

But everything didn't go so smoothly: The boy suffered medical complications as a result of the surgery. He and his mother reached out to local authorities and attempted to contact the agents who'd arranged the procedure, but they had little luck:a

The mother took the son back to Chenzhou to report the crime to the police, however, the mobiles of the three agents that Zheng had contacted were all switched off.a

The hospital, which admitted contracting out its urology department to a private businessman, denied any knowledge of the surgery.a

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Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. She's obsessed with Twitter and loves to be liked on Facebook. While she wouldn't sell a kidney for an iPad 2, she would offer her soul for a time-travel machine.a

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Schmidt: Microsoft is not innovative enough

aaaaaMicrosoft have been continually criticized for its stagnant drive towards innovative products, and joining the list today is former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

aaaaaAt the D9 conference, Schdmidt snubbed Microsoft by excluding it from the ‘gang of four’ high tech companies that were moving towards innovation and growing exponentially as a result. These companies include Amazon, Apple, Facebook and of course, Google.

aaaaa“Microsoft is not driving the consumer revolution in the mind of the consumers,” Schmidt said. “They’ve done a very good job of getting [customers] locked in on the corporate side.”

aaaaa“Typically, tech companies eventually become boring and middle aged,” he added, nothing that Microsoft’s legacy products, such as Windows, Office, and Xbox, will continue to provide “a flywheel that will power Microsoft and what they are doing for many decades.”

aaaaaFurther on, Schmidt said that there were few other companies such as eBay, PayPal and Twitter, that could break the top tier as well, perhaps forming a gang of six or seven. He believes that none of these companies will ever merge due to antitrust concerns.

Video game rumors run rampant as E3 approaches


The crowds gather to see what the video game industry has in store for them at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.a

By Winda Benedetti

The annual video game extravaganza known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) is nearly upon us. That means the interwebs are awash in rumors about what games and related gadgets will be revealed by the many game companies scheduled to descend upon LA next week.a

So what's in store for us this year? Nintendo has already promised to unveil its next game console at a press event taking place next Tuesday morning as E3 officially kicks off, but what that machine will look like is merely the stuff of rampant rumor and speculation.a

Meanwhile, Sony — in the midst of trying to clean up the massive PlayStation Network debacle — has promised to present crowds with a five-hour-long press event on Monday evening. What, exactly, is going to happen during those five hours — also the stuff of rampant rumor and speculation.a

Certainly this year's E3 is shaping up to be a memorable one and gamers can expect a whole lot of exciting and intriguing news next week. But who can wait until then? Here's a look at some of the sure bets and biggest guesses surrounding E3 2011.a

Nintendo, Project Café and Zelda oh myThis much we know for sure: Nintendo is going to reveal the successor to the Wii at E3. But beyond what Nintendo officially announced — that this new machine will "offer a new way of playing games" and will arrive in 2012 — the rest of what we know about the device is all based on leaks from anonymous sources of somewhat questionable authority.a


Bye bye Wii, hello Project Cafe?a

But hey, those leaks are interesting and some even make good sense. For starters, anonymous sources have told a number of sites that the new Nintendo console, allegedly codenamed Project Café, will have touch-screen controllers. And even newer rumors say these controllers will also have two analog sticks and a camera and, as Kotaku reports, eight buttons.a

In the era of the iPhone, a touchscreen controller makes very good sense to me. What does not make good sense to me is the rumor that the Wii successor won't have a hard drive. What-the-what?a

Another rumor that does make sense: "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" game, previously announced for the Wii, will instead be coming to the Project Café machine. As many a seasoned Nintendo fan and gamer pundit has pointed out, Nintendo has done this before — delaying "Twilight Princess" from the Gamecube to the Wii. It's certainly a move that would give Project Café a very strong title for its 2012 launch.a


Will "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" be a Project Cafe game rather than a Wii game? a

Beyond Nintendo's next console, gamers can expect Nintendo to bring out the 3DS games. The new handheld game device hasn't been selling as well as some might have expected and has been a bit short on game offerings. But Nintendo is expected to show off "Super Mario" for the 3DS for the first time and that's sure to bring in the crowds.a

Shigeru Miyamoto has described the game as a cross between "Super Mario Galaxy" and "Super Mario 64," but we won't know what that means for sure until next week.a

Sony: The good, the bad and the unknownWith a five-hour conference scheduled, you can bet Sony is going to spend a good bit of time apologizing for the theft of users' personal data from its network and perhaps offer some goodies by way of apology.a

Something else Sony seems sure to do? Reveal lots o' information about its forthcoming Next Generation Portable (or NGP) handheld game machine. Though the company has already announced many of the device's specs (click here for an in-depth look at what we already know about the successor to the PSP), we don't know what its official name is, how much it's going to cost or when it will arrive in stores.a

E3 seems like the place to reveal these sorts of details. But why wait for an official reveal? As Kotaku reports, some pretty strong rumors seem to suggest that Sony will be officially naming the gadget PlayStation Vita.a

The other question is: What will the NGP's games look like? Certainly Sony is already promising us media types that it will be giving us a glimpse of NGP games in action at E3. Though they have not confirmed what those games will be exactly, RipTen recently reported that a prequel to the beloved "Uncharted" franchise — a game called "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" — is in the works and likely to be shown off at E3.a

I, for one, hope to see Nathan Drake and the NGP together next week. So here's hoping that rumor proves true.a

Microsoft ... what DO you have up your enormous sleeves?While Nintendo is touting its big console reveal and Sony is busy trying to clean up its PlayStation Network mess, Microsoft has been, by comparison ... kinda quiet these days. Which makes us suspicious. Veeeery suspicious.a


At last year's E3 extravaganza, Microsoft unveiled a redesigned Xbox and the Kinect sensor above. Will they reveal a brand new Xbox this year? a

One thing is for sure, we can expect to Microsoft and other companies to show us what's in store next for Kinect. Microsoft took the wraps off Kinect at last year's E3 and the full-body motion control device has sold remarkably well (a whopping 10 million units to date). But now that the device has launched, serious gamers want to know what kind of games — beyond dance games and fitness games — are coming to the device.a

You can bet that Microsoft will reveal the next wave of Kinect games and will surely set out to convince the more hardcore gaming set that Kinect does, indeed, have something to offer them. And here's hoping that we'll finally see more of that Star Wars Kinect game we've been promised.a

But what else might Microsoft have in store for us?a

Well, ever since game site Develop reported last month that the next iteration of the Xbox was sitting in the EA offices, the rumor mill has suggested that Microsoft just might announce a new console at E3.a

Though the new Xbox rumors have been circulating for a while now — and yes, certainly Microsoft must be working on its next machine — I have to say this one seems like a long-shot for E3 what with the company riding high on Kinect and the Xbox 360 doing very well in the console competition. But the Xbox 360 is the oldest of the three game consoles (six years old) and stranger things have happened.a

And in a final interesting tidbit, Microsoft does seem to be gearing up to make some sort of entertainment-related announcement regarding the Xbox at E3 next week. Frank X. Shaw, corporate VP of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, wrote on the Official Microsoft Blog yesterday that 40 percent of all Xbox activity now is non-game.a

"We’re seeing an average of 30 hours of video consumption per month per Xbox, a number that is growing fast. And people are expecting more — more options, more games, more videos, more entertainment," he wrote.a

And he promised: "Next Monday at E3 in Los Angeles, the Xbox home entertainment pot will be boiling over..."a

Games, games games...Certainly we'll be getting a closer look at many of our most anticipated games at E3 — "Mass Effect 3," "Star Wars: The Old Republic," "Uncharted 3," "Modern Warfare 3," "Battlefield 3," "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and "Bioshock Infinite" are just a few of the games that will be shown off at the expo for sure.a

Rockstar Gamesa

Isn't it about time we had a new installment in the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise? Rumors and wishful thinkers say yes.a

But something else that's also for sure: Some new games are going to be revealed for the very first time.a

What might they be? Well, Rockstar Games has been busy launching the excellent "L.A. Noire," but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from moving full steam ahead with leaks and tidbits suggesting the game maker may be about to reveal a new installment in the storied Grand Theft Auto franchise. Game Rant recently reported that GameStop appeared to be revealing a GTA launch on January 15, 2012. And as other tidbits about the supposedly-in-the-works game make the rounds, many are expecting/hoping that E3 will see an official revelation of some sort.a


"Halo: Combat Evolved" is 10 years old and could be getting a face lift.a

Meanwhile, Bungie is done working on Halo but that doesn't mean Halo is done. And the Halo rumor mill has been alive and kicking in advance of this year's E3 with reports that a fancy remake of the original "Halo: Combat Evolved" is under way. It'll be the game's 10-year anniversary later this year, so an E3 revelation makes good sense.a

Speaking of Bungie, word on the street is that, while the company says it won't officially be at E3 this year, we might still see a new game from the Halo studio. Rumors have suggested that Bungie folk are working on a first-person-shooter MMO called "Destiny" or perhaps "Tiger." But will they show it off in LA? Wishful thinkers say "yes!" But realists say "not likely."a

We'll be on hand at E3 next week to find out whether these rumors turn out to be fact or fiction. In the meantime, gamers, what are you hoping to see revealed at E3 2011?a

For more game news, check out:a

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Winda Benedetti writes about games for You can follow her tweets about games and other things right here on Twitter.a


Microsoft shows Windows 8

aaaaaAt two separate places, Microsoft demonstrated the upcoming version of Windows- Windows 8. First up, at All Things D, Microsoft demo’ed the new tablet interface for the next version of Windows which heavily borrows from Windows Phone. The following video shows that:

aaaaaNext, Microsoft demo’ed Windows 8 running on an ARM processor which is the CPU architecture used in mobile phones and tablets of today. This is not an Intel or AMD CPU that we are used to running Windows so it is a big deal to see. What this will do is allow Windows based tablets to be much more power-friendly. On the flip side, Intel showed Android running on it’s x86 platform a couple of days back as well. Anyways, here is Windows running on ARM from Computex, Taiwan.

aaaaaInteresting UI on the tablet side- although the whole full screen applications seem to be timed well with Apple’s upcoming OS X Lion also touting that “feature.”

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s phone business for $19billion

aaaaaThere are endless possibilities if this goes through. BGR reports that according to industry insider Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft has struck a deal to purchase Nokia’s mobile phone business for $19 billion. The iOS and Android devices have hard struck Nokia’s business, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone is far from success. Nokia confirmed in February that it would adopt the Windows platform for its smartphones in the very near future. This decision stands true to the vision of former Nokia CEO Pekka Kallasvuo, which believed the company to transcend to a software and services company, much like IBM. Both companies have reached a deal to collaborate on the creation of new smartphones, which will roll out sometime next year. The deal is etched to close by the year end.


aaaaaObviously, both parties are denying the claim and this news is still in the ‘rumour’ segment. I guess we will just have to wait and watch.

WHO Report on Carcinogens Adds To Cell-Phone Worries

The World Health Organization's declaration that cell phones are among a group of possible carcinogens has added new fuel to growing worries about the dangers of electromagnetic devices increasingly glued to the sides of our heads. The United Nations agency cited 31 scientists from 14 countries.

The report contains no new research showing that heavy exposure to mobile Relevant Products/Services phones' microwave-like radiation can eventually cause brain tumors, but cited studies that merit caution. Proof of a link to cancer has been elusive, since many doctors agree that long-term study is necessary and mobile phones have only been widely available for about 15 years.

More Warnings?

The report by WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer gives a boost to those who have long warned that cell phones are a potential hazard, but it also raises questions for the industry. Will governments revise the acceptable radiation levels for phones or require more prominent warning labels, or even disclaimers in TV ads? Will the industry respond by marketing some phones as safer than others?

Analyst Michael Gartenberg of Gartner Relevant Products/Services feels that absent conclusive proof, the impact will be minimal. "The report seemed pretty iffy, so I'm not sure consumers are going to necessarily change behavior without a lot more evidence," he said. "I suspect some folks will use their headsets a bit more just in case."

CBS News, in response to the WHO report, listed online a list of 10 low-radiation phones dominated by Samsung devices such as the Captivate, Evergreen, Replenish, Haven, Acclaim 4G, Infuse and, at number one, the Blue Earth. Also making the list were LG's Quantum, Huawei's Ideos X5, and T-Mobile's Sidekick. The list was based on the specific absorption rate of radiation. The Federal Communications Commission's current limit for public exposure from cell phones is an SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram.

CTIA – The Wireless Association reacted to the report with skepticism.

"IARC conducts numerous reviews and in the past has given the same score to, for example, pickled vegetables and coffee," said John Walls, CTIA's vice president for public affairs. "This IARC classification does not mean cell phones cause cancer. Under IARC rules, limited evidence from statistical studies can be found even though bias and other data Relevant Products/Services flaws may be the basis for the results."

'No Evidence'

Walls added, "Based on previous assessments of the scientific evidence, the Federal Communications Commission has concluded that '[t]here's no scientific evidence that proves that wireless Relevant Products/Services phone usage can lead to cancer.' The Food and Drug Administration has also stated that '[t]he weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems.'"

Also skeptical is wireless industry analyst Craig J. Mathias of the Farpoint Group. But he said the final word on cell phones and cancer may not be known for years, if ever.

"I'm not sure cell phones are not safe," said Mathias. "I'm also not sure they are. Prudence is the watchword for now. But I'm pretty sure that a definitive link between cell phones and cancer will not be established except in very rare cases."

AMD Unveils Windows-Powered HD Tablet Platform

Advanced Micro Devices unveiled a new semiconductor platform for Windows-based tablets Wednesday. Like its larger rival Intel, which announced its own Windows tablet Relevant Products/Services platform Tuesday, AMD is pinning its hopes on Microsoft being able to make a comeback on the operating-system side of the tablet space currently dominated by Apple's iOS platform for the iPad Relevant Products/Services, iPhone and iPod touch.

Though Windows-based tablets were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show last January, those first-generation products were unable to gain market traction. Nevertheless, AMD and Intel believe the full Windows ecosystem will eventually give Microsoft the leverage it needs to make a winning tablet play.

The reality is that even the fast market responses with tablets using Google Relevant Products/Services's Android have so far left the iPad unchallenged, noted Al Hilwa, director of applications development software at IDC. "There is probably nobody more experienced in building large hardware and software ecosystems today than Microsoft," Hilwa said. "So I have to believe that they will be successful in the long run at evolving the PC into new areas."

In Sync with Smartphones

Featuring support for HTML5, Adobe Flash 10.2, and external monitors, AMD's new Windows-powered 2011 HD tablet platform is based on AMD's latest Z-series application Relevant Products/Services processor. Code-named Desna, the new Fusion chip is equipped with dual one-gigahertz cores.

AMD's platform will give mobile Relevant Products/Services workers full access to view, edit and collaborate on documents created in Microsoft Office and other business-related applications. What's more, it will support Microsoft Office across multiple devices via Windows Live. And to enable IT Relevant Products/Services departments to safely offer tablets to their mobile workforces, AMD's offering also integrates enterprise Relevant Products/Services-level security Relevant Products/Services.

AMD's 2011 HD tablet platform also features full compatibility with the iPhone, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and other leading mobile devices. "By compatibility, we're referring to the fact that you can sync with these devices the way you can with your PC," said AMD spokesperson Phil Hughes.

Right now, AMD's strategy is to support Windows-based tablets, Hughes noted. "However, we are working with a company called BlueStacks that enables users to use some of their Android applications on a Windows tablet," he added. And as the tablet market matures, AMD said it will continue to expand its options. (continued...)

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