Sunday, July 3, 2011

Get Skype with video calls on your unsupported Android

aaaaaRecently, we brought you the story on the new Skype update 2.0. The downside was that the update limited the much vaunted video calling feature to just four Android models. All that has now changed.


aaaaaOf course, the news of the limitation also caused a ruckus in the developer community, and they (obviously) decided to do something about it. Thankfully, it cured the problem.

aaaaaDevelopers 0mie and pulser_g2 have released cracked APKs that allow for Skype video calls on (almost) all Droids, given they have front cameras. They have been confirmed to be working by a number of  modders independently.

aaaaaTo get the pulsar_g2 APK from xda developers, go here. Do remember to give your feedback so we can all help make it better.

aaaaaGet the 0mie version here.

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