Saturday, July 9, 2011

Swype replica comes to Jailbroken iOS

One thing Android people are really proud of is the customization they can do on their phone as compared to limited options on iPhone. This includes using different keyboards to improve typing experience on touch screens. Swype has become a favorite choice of many as you just swipe your finger on top of keyboard and it automatically guesses the word you want to type. And now finally an unofficial replica of the Swype app is available for iOS users too.

This app although still called Swype is not a ported version of official Swype, but will be a brand new open source software using its own algorithms that just inspires from Swype input method. The developer Andrew Liu (aka WyndWarrior) may  call it iSwipe but he has not finalized it yet. He is the same person who previously made iDashboard which added ability to add widgets to your iOS screen just like Androids.

You can get this Swype beta app for iOS on jailbroken devices via Cydia. But do note that this software is still in beta and has limited functionality and compatibility.

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