Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mystery code may mean Facebook music service

By Helen A.S. Popkin

A peek into Facebook's latest upgrade — Skype-based video chat — may have provided a clue in the social network's next step toward total Internet dominance, a streaming music service.a

While installing the program for Facebook's new video chat, software engineer Jeff Rose did some poking around the code and found the installer supported a couple of other applications. One, called "Peep," the video chat plugin, and another one most interesting. In his Life is a Graph blog, Ross writes:a

At some point in the future they seem to be prepared to download another app though, called Facebook Vibes. I searched around to see what this is all about, and it seems that this is an unannounced feature that has yet to be released. The vibes app connects with a music download dialog in the page though, so I’m guessing that with this release we are seeing the seeds for Facebook’s upcoming music offering.a

Forbes reported a possible partnership between Facebook and Spotify last May, and as we learned earlier this week, popular streaming service is finally coming to the U.S.a

In June, GigaOM's Om Malik had the scoop on the next big phase of Facebook's continuing expansion:a

Facebook’s musical ambitions go beyond Spotify and include other music services and applications. The company is currently working on lining up more partners for the 2011 edition of f8, its annual developer conference, which is most likely to be held in August 2011.a

"Whatever the case, Zuckerberg said yesterday that it was only the 'beginning of the launching season in 2011,' and we've heard separately that July is going to be a very busy month at the company," Business Insider reports.a

We've reached out to Facebook, and will update this post if we learn anything new.a

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