Monday, July 4, 2011

South Korean plans to ditch real textbooks for tablet-friendly ones

aaaaaSouth Korea’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has announced that it will invest US$2 billion by 2015 to create digital versions of school textbooks, according to a report from

aaaaaThe government aims to completely convert to online textbooks by that date, and will ensure kids in low income families be distributed free tablets for their studies.

aaaaaTo make the picture frame perfect, the government will also develop a cloud-based server for its school where students can simply login and download whichever textbooks they want on their tablet devices. Students can also take their classes online (we assume by video chat), which will be counted as attending school by the government. Such a structure could help students who have been hospitalized for longer periods to continue their studies.

aaaaaOf course, to support such an initiative accessibility of high speed Internet is a must. But no fret, they have that covered as well.

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