Saturday, July 9, 2011

Microsoft deals to take Bing to China

Microsoft has recently signed a deal with Baidu, the largest Search provider in China. According to the deal, Microsoft Bing will power the English language search results for Baidu. This shows a rather different approach compared to Google, which is competing via it own search engine in the country.

Google’s share in China is at 19.6 percent, but Baidu commands the vast majority at more than 75 percent of the search market. So the deal should potentially bring a significant market for Microsoft to work with.

On the financial front, all advertising revenue as a result of the partnership will go to Baidu, as it owns the site, but it will help Microsoft promote Bing in the world’s biggest internet market, where it said to have less than a 1 per cent market share.

Samuel Shen, senior vice president of Microsoft China said the partnership “would give Baidu’s many users better results and a better English search experience. At the same time, it will allow more Chinese users to experience Bing”.

English is gaining in popularity in the country as people adopt it as their second language. Already more than ten million English language searches hit Baidu every day.

Source: Financial Times

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