Friday, July 8, 2011

Google Maps 5.7 brings offline maps support

Google Maps 5.7 for Android is now available for your downloading pleasure in the Android Market. Included in the latest revision is full-blown transit navigation, updated directions, an improved search widget, photo viewer for places and one unannounced feature of epic proportions: offline maps mode. Put simply, Google Maps 5.7 is a game changer.

Offline map mode in Google Maps 5.7 represents a milestone for the navigation service, as this was a hot favorite feature of mine for which I always considered Nokia Ovi maps better than Google maps. This also brings serious competition to paid GPS navigation services and standalone car navigation systems.

Right now this seems like an experimental feature for Google maps since only around a 10 mile radius of offline mapping is available. If you’ve updated to Google Maps 5.7 and you’re wondering how you can download offline maps simply follow these directions:

1. Open Google Maps 2. Tap the menu button 3. Select “More” 4. Choose the “Labs” option 5. scroll down until you see “”Download map area” and click download.

If you have not downloaded Google maps then you can grab it @ Android Market

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