Friday, July 8, 2011

Multi-platform distribution More Preferred

Online media is now facing a number of challenges. Starting from the presence of social media to mobile with a variety of platforms and operating systems. Everything is forcing businesses to devise strategies online.

We think we make the web then people access. That was then. Now we must try to distribute,

One of the loopholes to distribute content via mobile is. A large number of handsets in the communities with the ability to make mobile Internet access becomes a potential. Unfortunately, mobile development also has challenges. The number of mobile platforms and operating systems are not little.

We know there is Android, IOS, Symbian, Blackberry. That's great. A small lot. To be able to distribute content, a variety of platforms should be tilled. In the presentation, Edi New York Times describes the mission to develop and distribute content to all platforms.

Develop into all the platforms is not easy. There are many platforms, in terms of cost is also high and of the difficulty vary between platforms.

For the first online media who want to expand content distribution, Edi suggested, "Surely we have to choose where the most potential, the user should at most. Because this is impactnya to business."

By developing into a variety of platforms, in addition to increasing distribution of content will also increase business. From there, it could look for loopholes to get revenue. "Surely multiplatform business value will be higher than the single platform. I can not say definitely but it certainly will be higher because we are not content can be enjoyed more

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