Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thunderbird conversations – give a taste of Gmail’s threaded view inside Thunderbird

Gmail has a very easy to grasp and yet powerful interface. It shows email messages and replies as threaded messages removing the complication of tracking the previous email to remind you of history of conversation. “Thunderbird conversations” does exactly that but for Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client. Conversations is an extension for Thunderbird which unifies your multiple e-mail accounts and then lets you view emails as threads.

First of all in message pane section changes the “From” column to “Between” column, which shows that how many people are involved in an email discussion. In email view window, the thread header are shown with small snippet of what conversation contains. You can click this header to expand / collapse full email history too. This gives a really clean and practical interface to emails that have many replies and forwards.

Lastly it also brings a quick reply feature at bottom just like Gmail, so that you don’t have to open a separate window with bloated TOs, CC, subject lines etc. It is just a plain simple quick reply box to improve your speed of replying to conversations. Really a recommended extension for those who wanted a more Gmail like interface in Thunderbird or just want to improve their efficiency while using Thunderbird desktop client.

You can obtain the extension @

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