Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T-Shirts Innovative Change Music Into Electricity

Towards the holding Glastobury Music Festival in the UK, innovation comes from the French telecommunications company, Orange. They create a shirt that could change noise into electricity that can be used the user to recharge the handset battery when watching the musical performances.

Prototype t-shirts called "Sound Charge" is now being developed. T-shirts are made of piezoelectric material film, a material capable of converting sound into electricity through a quartz crystal interlaced compression. Once could be 'resurrected', the electricity will be stored in the reservoir to the existing battery can then be streamed to the handset.

Reveal the reasons of creation of this shirt, Andrew Pearcy of Orange in the UK branch was quoted as saying Gizmag, saying, "In such a noisy atmosphere at Glastonbury, the sound is the medium that is certain and natural for use in the development of a prototype t-shirts this year."

These shirts are not as fashionable ordinary shirts. But the main by developers, the shirt can support the movement of care for the environment and remain comfortable to wear. Developers also noticed that the shirts will also need to be washed. Therefore, all electronic devices are designed to be removable so that shirts can be washed. Noise in music festivals in the UK that will last a week it could be a time trial the efficacy of t-shirts recharge the handset.

However, the technology website the Register reported, even in a week music festival T-shirt can only save electricity 6 Wh so that can only recharge cell phones and smartphones double standard at all.

Last year, Orange has also created boots with a charger at the bottom so that it can generate electricity from the user step. Very helpful is not the end all that you wear can generate electricity?

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