Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook-Skype video chat service launches with Free group calls

It was previously announced that Facebook and Skype would be integrating their services to bring Skype video call technology to Facebook chat. And the service has launched today, now you can initiate a video chat session with any of you Facebook friends without need of dedicated Skype app.

Plus the Facebook-Skype calls brings one of the pro features of Skype: Group video calling for free to Facebook. Yes you can video chat with multiple buddies or family members on Skype without paying a single dime. This has been obviously done to counter the recent Google+ hangout which features group video chatting.

Overall this will be a worthwhile addition to already strong Facebook feature base. Plus with Skype back-end we can be sure of good quality video calls and reliable service.

Try out the feature using your FB friend chat panel or by going to

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