Monday, July 4, 2011

Hackers claim to breaking Apple's Site

A group of hackers claim to have managed to break into the Apple site. A number of Apple's internal party data was stolen and exposed freely on the internet.
The group is none other than Anonymous. Group of hackers who previously had to break into some famous sites such as Amazon, the FBI, and several other major websites.
At the site, Anonymous reveal about 27 party data that contains an internal Apple username and password to log into the site pembesut iPhone.
although only a small portion of data that terciduk but this could be a serious threat to Apple. Until now there has been no official response from the Apple-related attack.
The attack on Apple's servers is not this just happen. Previously, the group Lulz Security hackers claimed to have successfully infiltrated the iCloud which is Apple's cloud computing services.

Through his tweet, Anonymous did admit that Apple become one of their targets, but the group of hackers turned out to also have a 'busy' other larger.

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