Monday, July 4, 2011

iPhone 4 prototype auction bid reaches nearly $1 million

aaaaaFile this under ridiculous-eBay-auctions-that-were, will you? An iPhone 4 prototype almost sold for $1 million on the popular auction site before it pulled the ridiculously high bids back.

Image credit: Neowin.

aaaaaWhat’s even more ridiculous is that the iPhone 4 prototype does not even work, and is being sold mainly for its parts. The device seems to have small scratches on screen and on the rear, with no + or – markings on the volume buttons.

aaaaa1. iPhone has wear on the frame, some small marks on the rear cover, small marks on the screen. No cracks and no deep scratches. 2. Volume buttons don’t have the usual + for upper button and – for lower volume button 3. Phone will not activate on at&t and when syncing with iTunes it says that this phone can not be activated with at&t sim card it won’t activate (please review picture #10) 4. On rear cover Model No.: XXXXX FCC ID: BCGAXXXXX IC ID: 579C-AXXXXX (please review picture #8) 5. Front screen and rear cover has some type of numbers printed on the inside.

aaaaaThe user, jtmaxo said he bought the phone legally from a person “who really didn’t know what he had”.

aaaaa“I am a licensed cell phone repairman, this iPhone was bought from a person who really didn’t know who he had. He couldn’t activate it so just simply wanted to sell it. This iPhone was bought as for parts only. As far as the legality part – phone was bought legally”

aaaaaThe auction currently sits at $1725, still pretty high for a non-working prototype model.

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