Monday, July 4, 2011

Samsung’s Galaxy S II becomes their quickest seller.

aaaaaWhile much of the world was taken aback by the speed in which the initial Galaxy S flew off the shelves it seems that Samsung was only to outdo itself with it’s next iteration; The Galaxy S II


aaaaaEngadget is reporting that while the previous Galaxy S set a formidable tally by selling 3 million units in 85 days the newer, thinner and generally more awesome Galaxy S II shattered that record after Samsung reported that it sold 3 million phones in just 55 days. That’s 3 million phones in just under 2 months. Doing the math? Well, that works around to a phone every 1.5 seconds. The Galaxy S went on to hit the massive 10 million mark in 7 months. Only time will tell if the Galaxy S II can beat that record too.

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