Sunday, July 10, 2011

Facebook giving off new “Vibes”?

Long ongoing speculation about a Facebook music service may actually be true. After the recent launch of video-calling at its ‘awesome’ event, a section of code in the video calling update has surfaced which proves that such a service is forthcoming.

The programmer says on his Life is a Graph blog, that apart from the video calling app, he also ran across a music download app called Facebook Vibes. This points to a ‘MusicDownloadDialog’.

“At some point in the future they seem to be prepared to download another app though, called Facebook Vibes. I searched around to see what this is all about, and it seems that this is an unannounced feature that has yet to be released. The vibes app connects with a music download dialog in the page though, so I’m guessing that with this release we are seeing the seeds for Facebook’s upcoming music offering,” he says.

There has already been a lot of speculation that the upcoming music service is connected to the advent of Spotify to the US markets. Forbes said back in May that the service was going through testing at that time. They said the Spotify icon would appear on the left side of the news feed, and will allow listening with friends.

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