Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sony Ericsson not worried over poor PS game sales on Xperia Play

The Xperia Play, the AED 2999 Playstation-certified Android device from Sony Ericsson, according to a report from CVG, has been doing just the opposite of what it was intended to do: sell Playstation games.

The report says that games like Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, Jumping Fish, MediEvil and Syphon Filter has barely managed to sell more than 1000 copies, an abysmal figure by any means.

However, Dominic Heil-Dwyer of Sony Ericsson seems to be undeterred by  the poor sales performance, saying “There’s no concerns, it’s a revolutionary device, it’s shaking up the market, we’re very pleased with it.”

“In terms of getting the PlayStation Certified program out, generally, we’re very happy. I think we’ll make a full assessment of if it has achieved our expectations fully, further down the line, so we’re very happy.”

Xperia Play was launched in April, and pairs a traditional smartphone design with the gaming controls of the PSP.

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