Monday, May 16, 2011

Denied: PSN not coming back online in Japan yet

An official from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry informed that Sony will not be allowed to go ahead and restore the PSN service in Japan as it’s doing in the rest of the world due to security concerns. Basically they want Sony to conform to two outstanding issues which is causing this halt.

“The first is preventative measures. As of May 13, Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference,” said Kazushige Nobutani, director of the Media and Content Industry department. Obviously what specific measures are not being enforced haven’t been revealed to the public.

The second issue is that Sony has to describe how they will be making up to it’s consumers whose personal data was stolen from the PSN service. Essentially, the ministry officials “are asking Sony whether their measures are good enough when compared to countermeasures taken in the past.”

As Sony, is coming up with answers for the Japanese ministry, these questions lead to another disturbing  thought: if Japanese officials are denying Sony’s PSN service to go back online due to security concerns, is it still safe for the rest of the world to start using the newly restored PSN?

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