Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apple to launch something ‘big’ on May 19

Apple has once again left the net-o-sphere in a dizzy after a source close to BGR dropped details of mysterious rumblings at Apple Stores around the country of USA. It seems Apple is readying itself to announce or launch something ‘big’ on its retail anniversary on May 19.

According to the source, Apple Store employees have been requested to do overnight shifts, and have asked for their mobile phones to be locked and get their signature over an NDA. Staff requested to stay back are managers, business team members, a few Geniuses, back-of-house employees and a few generic Apple specialists.

Apparently, the stores have already received hardware to install on the anniversary day. They are not to be opened until Saturday night.

Employees are also made to download GBs worth of “training” in preparation of this big launch.

There are wide speculation circulating on what this product or service could be. But let’s hold on to any guesses, it’s just two days now.

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