Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Microsoft Promotes Its Cloud Solutions at Tech-Ed

Microsoft is beating the cloud Relevant Products/Services-computing drum at its Tech-Ed North America conference Relevant Products/Services and pointing to strong examples of companies using its cloud and development platforms. Industry analysts said Microsoft has one of the better cloud stories to tell at the Atlanta meeting Relevant Products/Services.

Microsoft Vice Presidents Robert Wahbe and Jason Zander delivered a keynote address that highlighted the success HSBC and Travelocity have had using Microsoft's virtualization Relevant Products/Services and public and private cloud solutions to slash costs and hasten innovation Relevant Products/Services. Microsoft also announced that NetApp Relevant Products/Services and Cisco Relevant Products/Services Systems have come aboard as partners in the Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track program, which works to streamline private cloud delivery.

"Microsoft clearly recognizes that the cloud is the near-term future. That's the buzzword that's carrying the industry. Tech-Ed is where they get the developers focused on where the company is going," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Pund-IT Relevant Products/Services. "So it's no surprise that the rhetoric is tying the different elements together in a way that would get developers and IT folks focused on that future and recognizing that Microsoft is a player and consider them in the process."

Azure's Success

The HSBC story goes like this: The worldwide financial services firm needs to allow for shifts in demand for internal systems while also simplifying infrastructure Relevant Products/Services management. HSBC announced it will use Microsoft Hyper-V in combination with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager to support a virtual desktop Relevant Products/Services infrastructure and help reduce the cost of desktop management.

Travelocity, meanwhile, explained how it used Windows Azure, Microsoft's public cloud solution, to deploy its Java-based analytics system in just two months.

As Enderle sees it, Microsoft is being consistent with other vendors by pushing the cloud at its tech conferences. It's a move to make sure the software giant remains consistent and relevant to the market. What's more, he added, Azure has been well received. "Microsoft has one of the better cloud stories on this cycle," Enderle said. "Now it's just a question of making sure they get the word out, which is, I guess, what they are trying to do here." (continued...)

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