Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chrome overtakes Firefox for the first time, IE still in the lead

According to the guys over at StatCounter, their latest global report on web browser usage shows that for the first time ever, Google’s Chrome browser has overtaken Mozilla’s Firefox. Though both browsers still don’t hold the position of top dog, an honour reserved for Internet Explorer for now, it still marks a milestone in the growth of Chrome.

The stats go on to show that during November, google’s market share went up to 25.7% a rather large number considering that back in 2009 chrome only had 4.66% of the market. Firefox raked in 25.2% for november while both browsers were dwarfed by Internet Explorer who boasted a comfortable 40.6%.

Engadget goes on to show that Chrome seems to be the only browser experiencing such drastic growth with both IE and firefox seeing their numbers dwindling.



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