Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to fake Siri conversations -- without an iPhone 4S


By Rosa Golijan

You can make Siri say some pretty silly things with a little bit of effort — but what if that's not good enough for you?a

What if you have a strange desire to fake even sillier conversations with the virtual assistant? And what if you want to create these phony exchanges without even touching an iPhone 4S?a

No problem. All you have to do is head to a website called iFakeSiri and you'll be able to create as many faux Siri screenshots as you'd like. Just follow the formatting instructions, select your preferred cellular carrier, and you'll have a convincing screenshot in seconds.a

It's worth noting that while the iFakeSiri screenshots are authentic looking, they certainly won't fool anyone for too long — especially if he or she tries to reproduce them with the real Siri. But that doesn't mean that they won't be good for a quick laugh or a goofy Facebook post.a

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