Friday, December 2, 2011

Acer confirms Tegra 3 tablet to launch next year

Acer’s president Jim Wong has announced that Tegra 3 quad core processors will find their way into an Acer tablet in 2012. As quoted in T3 Mr.Wong goes on to say:

“Acer was the first to follow Motorola with a Honeycomb tablet in 2011 after the launch of the XOOM and we intend to remain very aggressive on that front. You may have seen some leaked stories in the media relating to Acer launching a new quad-core tablet and I can confirm these stories are true.”

The coming tablets will no doubt feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and are said to be the successor to the Asus Transformer Prime.

“Tablets are a very important category to expand our business. We are the only company selling Windows 7 tablets in volume and next year we will continue to do the same thing with second generation windows tablets on the way in addition to our Android tablets.” Said Mr. Wong

By the looks of it CES 2012 (In January) and the Mobile World Conference in February will feature some rather interesting devices.

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