Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chinese man builds custom Windows 7 Tablet

Chinese student Wei Xinlong wanted to buy his girlfriend a tablet. But even though he couldn’t afford an iPad, but did some better than whining about the prices of consumer technology. He built her a custom made Windows 7 tablet.

After spending time learning all about tablets and learning about how they are built, Wei bought a cheap $78 laptop he found on the internet. He then extracted the laptop the laptop’s processor, motherboard, memory, GPU and display.  He bought a touchscreen and battery separately, and then built a case by hand for his tablet. The entire process cost him about $125.

As a result, his girlfriend recieved a Windows 7 tablet that may be not as polished as an iPad or have specs as high as one, but is certainly alot more impressive. Apparently, the girlfiend liked it some much that she added rhinestones around the edges of the tablet. Not sure if he’ll appreciate that.

Source: The Geek

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