Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Easiest way to watch for Amazon price drops

That Is Wortha

By Rosa Golijan

If you're prone to using Amazon for your holiday shopping needs, you're probably aware that the online retailer frequently — and often quietly — drops prices on its products. That's great, but how do you keep an eye on the items you intend on buying as soon as they're just a little bit cheaper — without putting in too much effort?a

If you use Google's Chrome browser, then you can let a free extension called That Is Worth do the hard work.a

All you have to do is download the extension through the Chrome Web Store, install it, and forget about it — until you want to start tracking a product on Amazon (or another supported online retailer such as Direct2Drive or Steam).a

In order to tag an item for tracking, visit a product page on a supported retailer, then click on the That Is Worth icon which will appear by your URL bar. It will prompt you to enter a target price — what you want to pay.a

You can peek at your tracked products page at any given moment by clicking the button, to see how close to the target pricing your items are getting. Once the product's price drops to (or below) the target, you'll receive a little alert in the corner of your screen.a

That Is Wortha

That's it! Minimal effort, few thrills, and plenty of convenience. What more could you want?a

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