Friday, November 18, 2011

Kimmel: It's 'National UnFriend Day' on Facebook

The Official Jimmy Kimmel Live Channel / YouTubea

By Suzanne Choney

It's "National UnFriend Day" according to comedian Jimmy Kimmel; the perfect opportunity to lose some folks from your bloated buddy list on Facebook. Too hard to decide how to pick and choose? Kimmel has devised a point system to help you out.a

"If any of your so-called friends make it to 50 points, unfriend them," he said on his show. Here are some of the point ratings:a

"If they change their profile picture more than once a month," 5 points. "If they took their profile picture in the bathroom mirror using a cellphone," 5 points. "If they've ever posted more than three photos of food, that's 5 points each." "If they've ever posted the phrase, 'OMG, my friends are the best,'" 5 points. The Official Jimmy Kimmel Live Channel / YouTubea

But those aren't the among the worst of unfriendable infractions, at least for Kimmel. "If they've uploaded an embarrassing photo of you from junior high and tagged you in it, that's 15 points," he said.a

And one of the ultimate offenses? "If they've used the phrase 'amazeballs,' that's 40 points."a

You can see Kimmel's full bit on this by going to his YouTube channel. But hurry: National UnFriend Day is quickly evaporating, as is your chance to winnow your list. And judging by his point system, we'll all be down to zero friends by the end of the day.a

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