Saturday, October 15, 2011

Father of C language dies at age 70

Father of C language, Dennis Ritchie has passed away this week. He was one of leading innovators and tech gurus of this generation. C language marks a big milestone in programming languages. It converged many developers to one platform due to its powerful nature, easier syntax and all rounded performance as compared to other task focused languages. C and its variants like C++, Visual C, C# are still the most dominant language used in the world. Death of its founder marks a sad day in tech history for us.

Ritchie was not only founder of C, but also co-author of “The C programming language”, which is termed as the definite guide to C language. He also made significant contributions to development of Unix OS. He received Turning award in 1983, National Medal of Technology in 1999 from President Bill Clinton and many other national and international awards.

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