Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Most pirated TV shows of 2011 named

It’s the season of the ‘Top 10 Of Something Something’ articles and the folks at TorrentFreak are not the ones to be left behind.

The torrent news site has named the most pirated TV shows of 2011, baring all and whole how the shows have stacked up to its actual, ‘legal’ viewers.

Showtime’s Dexter has topped the list, gathering 3,620,000 downloads as compared to just 2,190,000 US TV viewers. HBO’s Game of Thrones comes in second, once again garnering more illegal downloads (3,400,000) than actual TV viewers (3,040,000). The Big Bang Theory follows at no. 3 but it’s 15,980,000 viewers easily shrugs of its small illegal downloads figure of 3,090,000.

Surprisingly, illegal TV shows downloads have declined from last year. This is thanks to other modes of ‘distribution’ like Hulu and Netflix. However, viewers outside US still have to wait for a long, long time, sometimes even years, to watch the latest and the greatest the US television has to offer.

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