Monday, December 19, 2011

Google 'Let it snow' Easter egg brings on winter


First, the snowflakes are subtle...a

By Suzanne Choney

Longing for some snow (but not Snowmaggedon)? Google can give you some with a new Easter egg (Or should we say "Christmas egg"? (Hmm: Doesn't sound quite right.)a

Just type in "Let it snow" in Google's search box and hit "return," and you'll see snowflakes falling. Within seconds, the computer screen changes to a winter whiteout, with search results mostly obscured. Starting to feel chilly? All you have to do is hit the blue "defrost" button to return to the normal world of Google.a

(You'll need to use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to see this in action; it doesn't work using Internet Explorer).a


... then your screen goes to near-whiteout condition.a

This is the second recent Easter egg from Google: Last month's "Do a barrel roll" — still in effect — can make you lose your lunch and dinner. And there have been others from the search giant.a

This one can entertain you for a few minutes — and the kids for, oh, 15 seconds. But a fun 15 seconds it is.a

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