Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brand pages don’t get Timelines yet, says Facebook

While almost every other Facebook user is delving into their profiles and making changes thanks to the new Timelines feature, one type of page that hasn’t gotten the brand new overhaul yet is the brand pages on Facebook. And it might just stay that way for now.

Mashable reports that a Facebook spokesperson had this to say about Timelines coming to brands:

“We are currently focused on Timeline for individuals and will consider how to make consistent experiences for Pages but we have nothing to announce at this time. Consistency in both functionality and appearance is really important to Facebook so we hope to make Pages more consistent with the new Timeline in the future.”

Sounds optimistic that brand pages will get Timelines at some point but they’re still figuring out how to make good use of it. Of course, it will be a drastic change for the fanpages but could actually end up doing some good.

We’ll keep you updated.

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