Monday, December 19, 2011

Guy tattoos 10,000 URLs on his body

We have seen people do some absolutely bat-fudge crazy things to be in the coveted Guinness record books, and joining the list today is Pat Vaillancourt who has successfully tattooed 10,000 URLs on his body.

Now before you go knifes in, Pat’s valiant attempt at tattooing hundreds of thousands of URLs on his body has a very noble cause behind it.

Pat had first started a website asking for donations for the Haiti Relief Fund. With little success, Pat rummaged his minds to come up with ideas that could help drive the donations. Knowing his limitations – he wasn’t athlete and neither could he pull of ridiculous stunts – he decided the best way would be to take his love for the tech world (we assume) to the next level.

Pat is offering spaces to companies to have their URLs printed on his body, and on his website, for $35. He plans to donate half of the proceedings to help people in Haiti and Somalia; the other half will be used to pay for the tattoos and promote the project.

Pat is now aiming to have at least 100,000 URLs tattooed on his body. The first 50,000 will be tattooed with normal ink, and the other half in fluorescent ink to make it more noticeable in the dark. Surprisingly, 16,000 companies have already reserved a spot on his body, already netting him nearly half of a million dollars.

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