Monday, December 19, 2011

Hard drive makers slashing warranty periods

The floods in Thailand have created quite a sticky situation for hard drive makers especially Western Digital which suffered the most. After impending hard drive shortages were widely reported, it looks like companies have also decided to cut down warranty periods.

The Verge reports that both Western Digital and Seagate are in on this. From the end of this year, Seagate will be slashing down the warranty period for all its standard hard disks from a pretty good five year warranty period to just one year. That’s a pretty major change that won’t sit well with many customers but that’s later. Western Digital will only do this to their Caviar Blue, Caviar Green, and Scorpio Blue hard drives and will slash the three year warranty to two years. Not nearly as major, but a change nonetheless.

External hard disks are not counted here so the users of those should feel safe. If you’re needing an upgrade, buy one now before things change further.

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