Monday, December 19, 2011

Microsoft fits new features into Hotmail

Microsoft today has added a slew of new features to its good ol’ Hotmail email service. As the official blog points out, these are the same features that the company went over only a few months ago, and are now available for all users.

One of the best new feature is the ability to ‘pin’ an email. Just like any ‘pinned’ forum thread, the email will stay put at the top even after receiving new emails. Another great feature is what is being called as the ‘one-click unsubscribe’. Hotmail now has the sense to automatically know if an email is a newsletter, and allows users to Sweep it to a separate folder and unsubscribe to it by just clicking a single button.

The Photomail and DocMail preview have been updated as well, which now “gives you a beautiful photo album every time you send photos, and with our new release, you get to see that album as you compose your mail. You can even edit the title of your album right inline and add and remove photos before sending.”

Other features include Schedule Cleanup, an automated service that sweeps emails periodically and either moves them into a folder or deletes them; Forgotten attachment detector which, as the name suggests, tells you if you have forgotten to add an attachment when your email suggests you should have; and Instant Actions, which are shortcuts to the most frequent actions or tools.

Microsoft has also released the official Hotmail app for Android, which features EAS support for sync, multiple Hotmail accounts, new email notifications on Home screen, etc.

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