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Man proposes using Internet meme flashcards

Crazy Monkey Studioa

Screenshot from the Meme Proposal videoa

By Athima Chansanchai

Internet memes aren't just for chuckles around the virtual water cooler — they can also be vital accessories in a moment that lasts a lifetime: the marriage proposal. Since everything that can be documented is documented, why not point cameras at this once intimate moment between two people, for others to have and to hold, for ever and always?a

The "Meme Proposal" between two young people, Tim and Audrey, takes place just outside a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on Nov. 30, shot and edited by professional film crew Crazy Monkey Studio. And reminiscent of "Love Actually" (nice call, Gizmodo!), young Tim stands outside a glass door, looking in at his girlfriend Audrey, who's sitting with her friends eating dinner.a

And to the soundtrack of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" (which is itself on the soundtrack of the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1" soundtrack), Tim produces big flashcards that use memes to illustrate his point that though he may have been apprehensive about marriage for awhile, he is ready to take the plunge with his soulmate. (We like the old school cards, vs. using a tablet slideshow, by the way!) We won't spoil the surprise for you, but let's just say everyone grabs a Kleenex by the end:a

On the Vimeo page, Crazy Monkey Studio gives a little background for what we just saw: a

For the first time, we got to shoot a proposal and it was real fun. It was a covert mission (ok la [sic] ... more like a paparazzi mission). We went to venue a day before to scout the place, discuss how to hide those cameras and look at how to be invisible.a

On that day, we were all dressed in black. Talked using walkies. Used wine bottles, glasses, cutleries, vases and flowers as cover. We sat around the restaurant as guests but with our cameras on. And yes, we achieved total invisibility. Audrey walked into the restaurant, sat with her friends and never noticed us.a

Not until the prime time when Tim revealed himself with meme place cards that was part of his proposal. That was when all the cameras (all four in total) started rolling. a


And, it turns out, Tim is some kind of big blogger type in Asia, judging from his blog and a post about attending the a recent blog awards event — the Oscar equivalent for Asia-Pacific bloggers — with his "Shorty" (Audrey). She also blogs, and recounts all the details of the proposal on her blog.a

I've been to a lot of weddings. I mean a lot. Several a year, for about 15 years now. And for the most part, they're first marriages. But after so many friends have already tied the knot, it's easy to forget that first blush (and rush) of hope for rest-of-your-life happiness that comes with the marriage proposal.a

I hope you're never so jaded that a video like this doesn't pull at your heartstrings at least a little.a

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