Monday, October 17, 2011

Case-mate launches Creatures

Press release: Case-Mate, the international mobile phone accessories designer specializing in accessories that protect, style and enhance mobile technology, launches their Creatures cases especially for the iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Curve 9350/9360. The new whimsical cases express individual personalities, from fun and lovable animals to scary monsters. Case-Mate will launch the Creatures cases during Gitex in October, and will retail them across the all leading electronic stores in the UAE.

The Creatures cases come in two styles, the ‘Monsters’ and the ‘Animals’. The Monsters include three frightening characters â€" Tut, Monsta and Frank while the cute animal family is made up of Waddler, Gil, Hoot, Xing and Bubbles.

Each Creatures case has unique design characteristics and provides excellent phone protection. Tut, inspired from the Egyptian ‘mummies’, is designed to wrap the iPhone with its bandage like layering texture, protecting all corners of the phone. Monsta is a protective case, designed in vibrant colours and elevated molding for a better grip.  Frank, inspired by Frankenstein, is the grouchiest and scariest of all. Its green bumpy texture provides a great grip while the lay flat design protects the screen.

The Animals range of cases is uber cute. The cuddly Waddler represents a penguin, complete with white belly, raised flippers, orange beak and a webbed feet charm. It has a smooth silicone texture and lay flat design. Gil presents the clown fish with a raised fin design and the Hoot which models an owl has a unique wing. Both cases come with soft covers with a touch protective system. Xing is the cuddly black and white Panda with heart-melting eyes and paw key charm. Bubbles is the perfect case when you want to monkey around and have fun. The textured case provides a firm grip and the lay-flat design protects the screen. The banana key charm will ensure a good laugh anytime.

Case-Mate continuously adds innovative designs to their custom accessory range, introducing new ideas to allow every smart phone user to spice up their phone according to their personality.

Case-Mate cases are available in:

Al-Falak, APTEC, Axiom, Carrefour, CompuME, E-City, Emax, E4U, Fono, Grand Stores, Grand Stores, i2, iStyle, Jacky’s, Plug-ins, Sharaf DG, Sharjah Duty Free, SectionTek, Skinjam, Virgin Megastore, Yellow Hat and 050.  Shift L.L.C. (+97143475343) is the exclusive distributor for Case-Mate in the UAE.

The cases are priced between AED 55 and AED 220

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