Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Windows 8 Beta to release in Feb 2012

At it’s Windows 8 preview event yesterday, Microsoft said it will release a public beta for the new operating system sometime in February next year.

One of the biggest features highlighted during the event was Windows Store, an app store for the OS much like the one for Mac and iOS devices. The Store will be a part of the Beta and will come equipped with free apps for users to try. Microsoft will be doling out private invites to specific developers to have their apps featured on the Store.

Image credit: AllThingsD.

When the Store goes Live with the final version of Windows 8, Microsoft will allow developers to use their own subscription services to charge customers for their software, which is something Apple very strictly disallows.

The Windows Store will also offer free trials of apps. Users can choose to purchase the full version from within the app itself, avoiding the laborious loop of downloading a separate ‘full version’ of the software.

Microsoft will take a 30 percent cut from app revenues, however it plans to slash it down to 20 percent once the app earns over $25,000.

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