Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tech company bans e-mail with ‘zero mail’ policy

Even in the age of social networking and instant messaging, e-mail still remains an important form of formal communication when it comes to business or corporate use. But one company has decided to spit in the face of e-mail by banning it altogether.

ABC News has the report on the new “zero email” policy that the French information technology company Atos has taken. CEO Thierry Breton  fails to see any use in e-mail itself seeing that only 10 percent of the 200 messages received by employees everyday are of any use, while around 18 percent of them are purely spam.  In the coming year, the company plans to convert the  74,000 employees into using social messaging or instant messages instead of e-mail. The focus is to strengthen internal mails rather than external ones with clients, and spokeswoman Caroline Crouch believes that the employees response “has been positive with strong take up of alternative tools.”

Do you think it’s a smart move? There’s way too many conversations that still take place through electronic mail and it is by far the accepted standard of formal communication, so I can only assume that the company has a backup plan in mind when someone e-mails the company and finds out that the e-mail address isn’t functional anymore.

We’ll see how the strategy works out in the long run.

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