Monday, December 5, 2011

Apple offered iOS scrolling patent license to Nokia & IBM, even Samsung

Apple is famous for innovation, but they’re just as famous for patenting most of their innovations as soon as possible before others can jump into mimicking them en masse. And you would think that they’re stringent in letting anyone use their patents (which they usually are), but turns out there was one particular patent in which they were lenient after all.

The Verge reports that Apple actually licensed one iOS software patent related to scrolling functionality to Nokia as well as IBM. But here’s the juicy bit – they even offered the license to their arch-enemy Samsung back in November 2010 when negotiations for settlement came to a standstill.

Patent #7,469,381 was what it was labelled, and it dealt with the “scrollback” feature of iOS which displays a background texture whenever you reach the edge of a webpage of a document. The revelation comes through the court documents of the failed attempt to ban Samsung Galaxy by Apple, where they clearly report that they offered the license to Samsung as a part of their settlement terms. Clearly that didn’t end up working.

You can imagine how Apple is pissed about the fact that the Samsung Galaxy can now sell in almost every territory now that the ban has been overturned.

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