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Will 'mrskutcher' become 'msmoore' on Twitter?

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attending Time's 100 Most Influential People at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York in May 2010.a

By Suzanne Choney

Demi Moore has been Mrs. Kutcher for 6 years, and "mrskutcher" for nearly three on Twitter. With a divorce in the works, what happens to her history of tweets if she no longer wants to go by "mrskutcher," but instead change to another name, such as "msmoore," "nomoreboytoys" or "buhbyeashton"?a

Twitter is very careful not to comment on such individual matters "for privacy reasons," a spokesperson told

But representatives of the short messaging blog are happy to point us to a few places where all users who might be in similar situations can get help.a

Changing your username "will not affect your existing followers, direct messages, or @replies. They will simply see a new username next to your picture when you update," Twitter says on its "How To Change Your Username" support page.a

But just as in address changes and notes of etiquette you might send to your friends about such a delicate situation — "Hey! I've dumped the loser! Here's where I live now!" — Twitter says "it is advisable to send out an update to your followers before you change your username, because any replies or messages sent to your old username will not be associated with your account once you've changed to your new username."a

If Moore chose to deactivate her account — something John Mayer did last year (and aren't we all crying about that?) — she can follow the same steps that Twitter advises for that.a

Ashton Kutcher, of course, is one of the early "titans" of Twitter. He's got more than 8.2 million followers, and is the 10th most-followed person on the social networking site. Moore has 4.2 million followers, and is the 49th most-followed, according to A normally active tweeter, she hasn't been too visible on the site in recent days, since the split was announced.a

While there's likely a lineup of women waiting to be the next "mrskutcher" on Twitter — and in real life — it's up to Moore to decide whether to keep it. Perhaps there's a "Ghost" of a chance she will.a

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