Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pakistan Telecom To Ban ‘Obscene’ Text Message Words

Pakistan’s telecommunications authority PTA apparently doesn’t like swear words. In fact, it doesn’t like a whole 1,500 of them since they’ve now sent over a list of 1500 ‘obscene’ words that they’ve asked to block messages using any of those words. But the inclusion of some of the words is baffling.

'Jesus Christ, that was amazing!' - Message Blocked.

Although there are the common swear words and expletives in both Urdu and English covered, there are some very random words that make the list including the following:

Athlete’s foot Flatulence Jesus Christ Monkey crotch Back door Bewaquf (foolish) Bakwaas (nonsense) Fart Intercourse Breast

The above words could be used in any context and not just in a derogatory term, and being a Pakistani myself it’s pretty wierd that something like this is taking place. Of course, network providers can still say ‘no’ but it’s doubtful that will happen. The most interesting addition is ‘monkey crotch’. I wonder how many people would be using that term that they had to ban it. Huh.

Is this too much of a censorship or is this acceptable for a country to do?

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